Female Models for Japan Military Calendar


There are numerous Japan Female Models that pose for the Japan Defence Force 2014 Calendar. It may be an effort to boast morale in the military. But it may also be use to attract new potential male and female staff to join the military.

Let’s look at some of the pretty screen shots featuring the most beautiful and Cute Japan Lady Models.

This military calendar will be the most sought after item. The girls look best in the army,  air force or navy wear.


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Hirata Japan Kansai Plant

It was a wonderful experience working with members of the Hirata Japan Team. They show the desire of Japanese hardworking attitude. We always work till the late evening with them to achieve our equipment timeline. I have been working with them from 30 Nov but will be leaving them on this coming Saturday. Hope to see them when they are in Singapore. The factory is about 5mins by taxi from the Yasu train station. Public transport is also available at the Yasu Train Station. You will see a huge Hirata billboard on the factory ground.


Yasu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan, 504 Kozutsumi

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Outlet Park in Japan

The Outlet Park in Japan is very large in size and offered you hours of shopping time.
Mitsui Outlet Park

There are many shops which carry many variety of goods. You will find discount at certain timing of the day which can be as high as 30% to 50%. Famous stores include, Addidas, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Armani and many others.
Mitsui Outlet Park

There are also a wide selection of Japanese and Inetrnational food for you to choose for your meal. We choose the Kobe Beef shop in the food court. Meal start from 750 Yen onwards.
Mitsui Outlet Park

There is an outdoor park for you to relax. You can watch the peaceful lake while the children enjoy the slides.
Mitsui Outlet Park

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Leaving for Japan

The day has finally come for me to depart to Japan together with my colleagues.My family did not sent me to the airport as the flight was next day morning 1am to Japan.I really cannot bare myself to leave my wife and my children.But technology has improve and therefore I can see them on Skype everyday. Use Skype for video call as it is much clearer and sharp while MSN quality will be bad unless u want to message only.

The SIA Flight to Japan, Fukuoka was quite full with only 6 seats left unfilled. The managers from our company was there to sent us off.


We bought some presents for our Japanese Colleagues in the duty free shopping centre in Terminal 3. Here we are awaiting for the gate to open to board the flight to Japan.


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Japan Trip Day 1

We reach Fukuoka International Airport in the morning at 8am. Breezing through the customs is a breeze but u need to have your photo taken and 2 finger prints on each arm scan into the system. The international airport looks quite small when compared with Changi Airport Terminal 1. There is no train services at the airport and u need to take a free ferry service to the domestic airport terminal for your trains.

We took a train to Hakata and transfer to the Shinkansen to Okayama. The Shinkansen is a high speed bullet train and its speed is more than 300km/h. After alighting at Okayama, we transfer to the JR Line to travel to Osafune where our accommodation for our training trip awaits us. Travelling in Japan is not cheap and especially if u made use of Shinkansen. This trip cost us around 11,000Yen which is more than S$160. 

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After settling into the accommodation, our Japanese Colleagues took us for lunch and to get to know the small town which we were staying in. There isn't much eateries in Osafune  where we stay. We also purchase some grocery at the supermarket for our daily breakfast and others. It is a quiet town when compared to the bustling Singapore City Life.