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Ozonated Water System

This system from the USA can clean, sanitizes, and deodorise without the usage of chemical. In healthcare, chemicals are use together with water to clean the trolleys or any other working devices. This system gives you the opportunity to remove the chemical and still meet the cleanliness and infection control needs.

There is a Capex investment for the system and yearly OPEX costs for maintaining the system and replacement of the filters. This is a sustainable green products as it use water only and eliminate the usage of chemicals.

You may contact the following company if you need more details.

James Lim
Adsec Systems Pte Ltd
Tel: 6839 9665
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WEMS 2015 Update Request

PUB had recently contact me to modify the water efficiency plan for 2015 submission as they feel that some data was not correctly represented. They only give me 5 working days to modify when the submission was done in June 2015. PUB would have contact me earlier if they feel the submission was not accurate.

Water Efficiency Manager are now busy preparing for the WEMS Submission for 2016 right now as the deadline is 30 June 2016. Have you started your WEMS submission plan already?

Every Drop Counts in Singapore

#EveryDropCounts and we need the support of all the residents in Singapore. Our current generation have forgotten how precious water is.

PUB have four national taps to ensure continuous supply of water. We should not take it for granted.

Let this picture from PUB remind all of us how water rationing looks like.

Photo credit from PUB.