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Starhub Customer Service Drop

Starhub is currently undergoing a major upgrade to their backend system. Customer Service, Sales and Billing are affected.
Let’s talk about their customer service on 1633 first. You will need to spend at least 10 to 20 mins on the phone before you talk to a customer service officer. So u need to be very patient before you get a chance to speak to their CSO.
I would advise u not to use their email even though they encourage you to do it. I send an email to customer service and after 7 full working days, there is still no reply. Furthermore, Starhub do not give a guarantee on how long they will take to answer it. Major company like GoDaddy Domain commit, they will reply within 3 working days.
Currently, I have a recontract issue on my Starhub TV. I was not given free VV Drama and Star Movies. Starhub escalated my case three times but no Sales officer was bother to call me back to review my case. A major breakdown in Starhub internal Communications.
I will update you on how Stahub Customer Service work in next blog update.

Starhub Cable TV under S$20

I was approach by a direct Starhub sales personnel and he offered me a great Starhub Cable TV Deal that I simply cannot reject. You just need to be a loyal Starhub Cable TV subscriber for at least two years and do not have any contract binding you to take up this special offer.

Get the Starhub Cable TV Deal for only S$19.26 and get all these

  • Basic 3 Groups
  • 1 Channel worth $8.56(VV Drama in my case) free for one year
  • 1 Movie Channel free for 6 months (Star Movies in my case)
  • 1 Digital Set-top Box(50% rental discount)

More Savings
But I get more savings from the second month as I own a Hubstation Retail Set. I will return the Digital set-top box in the second month and transfer the service to my current Hubstation. I will save $2.14 on the rental fees and pay only S$17.12 from the second month onwards. This is a One Year Contract. Basically to ensure I do not move to MIO TV.

Extra Charges
They will usually charge u an installation fee of S$72 but will waive off S$42 and you will need to pay for S$30. No GST will be charge for this installation fees. But if you order online, you will need to pay installation fees of S$32.10 inclusive of GST. 

You do not need to be a Hub Club Member to enjoy the Deal!

Free Playstation 3 with Starhub


Get the Playstation 3 for free when you signed up with Maxonline. This is currently available for online sign up only.You have to sign up for the Maxonline Premium or the Maxonline Ultimate.
This is a good promotion for all PS3 fans to get the set for free. You may also get this set at a lower market price on auction or classified sites online from Starhub Maxonline subscribers who do not want the gift from their new or recontract plans.
Click to Starhub for more details>>>

Playstation 3(40GB)

  • Play Games and Watch Movies on Blu-Ray Disc
  • Cell Broadband Engine
  • Internet Access,Multi-Format Video
  • Music Playback and Photo Viewing
  • Download Content from the Playstation Store
  • Online Gaming through the Playstation Network
  • Integrates with the PSP via Remote Play

Digital Voice Services by Starhub

I have been enjoying Starhub free Home Line for two years as I am a Cable Internet Customer. I pay S$44 for the services and enjoy Internet and free Home Line. There is no line rental and incoming calls are free. In addition,all outgoing call made to Singapore numbers are free.
In recent weeks, as Singtel is increasing the cost for fixed Home Line many consumers are jumping ship to Starhub. Starhub has already received many applications and is now trying their best to process the orders. We will expect Singtel not only to lose the Voice Customers but also their Internet Business as you need to subscribe to Starhub Cable TV or Cable Internet in order to enjoy the free Home Line.

Hubstation Updates

Starhub has released a updated firmware for Hubstation users to enjoy more benefits on using the device. To enjoy the new features, just simply power off and on your Hubstation from 11 July 2008.

Increase in Hard Disk Space
Now you can record even more programmes with HubStation. The hard
disk space has been increased from 120GB to 160GB. This means that you
have additional 20 hours of recording time!

Series recording
You will no longer need to manually record your favourite drama
series episode after episode. HubStation now lets you program it to
record an entire series automatically!

Dual language Recording
Record dual sound programmes in both languages. This gives you the option to toggle between languages during

Register as a member at the Hubstation and enjoy a free GV movie tickets. This is applicable to first time registrants or members updating their personal particulars online.
Click here to Hubstation>>>


I have got this cool machine, Hubstation from Starhub at $197.95 for Hub members with a special direct mailer. You also got 6 months of Chinese Star Movies free. There will be no more rental charges unlike Digital set top box where you have to pay $4.20 unless you are on a package plan.

Features of Hubstation

  • Free 1Mbps Broadband Internet Access till end 2008
  • Use Smart TV™ to enjoy TV in your own time
  • 60 hours of recording time
  • Instant TV listings from On-Screen TV Guide
  • Access to StarHub Digital Cable and free-to-air TV channels
  • No more rental charges
  • Automatic software enhancements

I will not missed any of my favourite shows again. Recording has been made simple that you can even record the show just by selecting from the menu and you do not even need to set the time like DVD or conventional recorder.


From 3 March 2008, a new 24-hour Mandarin news channel TVBS-NEWS will be added to StarHub Digital Cables Chinese Entertainment Basic Group at no additional cost! This is also the first Mandarin news channel introduced on its basic tier. TVBS-NEWS (Channel 49), one of the most popular news channels in Taiwan, specialises in global coverage of major news events. With correspondents in major cities all over the world and alliances with other global broadcasting media, the channel is able to bring instant world news to its viewers. News programmes, tailored to suit local and overseas viewers, are hosted by a team of experienced news anchors including Fang Nien-Hwa, Lee Si Duan, Zhan Yi-Yi, and Zhan Qing Ling.
Visit Starhub Cable TV for more details>>>

Closure of Asia Plus(CH49)

Asis Plus (Ch 49) will cease transmission on 29 February 2008. There will be no impact on your monthly subscription except you have one less channel to watch on Starhub Cable TV Chinese Entertainment Basic Group. Starhub has determined that Asia Plus was not popular among its subscribers and has therefore decided to discontinued the carriage of this channel.
Star Chinese Channel (Ch 46) and TVB8 (Ch53) were recently added to Chinese Entertainment Basic Group. TVB8 has very good entertainment and documentary content and surpassed those from Mediacorp. You may visit Stahub website for more details. In addition, you may call the Customer Care at 1633 or send as an email at

Free Talktime

Make 10 minutes of IDD 018 calls to any of the below destinations and enjoy the next 10 minutes free!

Australia* | China | Hong Kong | India | Japan* | Malaysia | New Zealand* | South Korea | United Kingdom

*Applicable for calls to fixed line numbers only.

The promotion period is from 7 Dec 2007 to 28 Feb 2008. Made just of this savings during the Christmas and New Years to call all your overseas friends. In addition, call your friends and relatives in Malaysia and China during the Chinese New Year for extra savings on IDD rates.

For more info, please visit Starhub>>>

Hub Club Privileges

Hub Club members can enjoy a mobile upgrade every 12 months on your principal mobile line. The $100 mobile upgrade fee will be waived off by Starhub. All Hub Club members also enjoy 15% discount on their mobile subscription. Hub Club members also get 5% off their monthly subscrption for Maxonline and 10% off their monthly subscription for Cable TV. Accumulate your reward points for redemption for your monthly subscription, shopping vouchers, promotions and many others.