I have got this cool machine, Hubstation from Starhub at $197.95 for Hub members with a special direct mailer. You also got 6 months of Chinese Star Movies free. There will be no more rental charges unlike Digital set top box where you have to pay $4.20 unless you are on a package plan.

Features of Hubstation

  • Free 1Mbps Broadband Internet Access till end 2008
  • Use Smart TV™ to enjoy TV in your own time
  • 60 hours of recording time
  • Instant TV listings from On-Screen TV Guide
  • Access to StarHub Digital Cable and free-to-air TV channels
  • No more rental charges
  • Automatic software enhancements

I will not missed any of my favourite shows again. Recording has been made simple that you can even record the show just by selecting from the menu and you do not even need to set the time like DVD or conventional recorder.

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