Starhub Cable TV under S$20

I was approach by a direct Starhub sales personnel and he offered me a great Starhub Cable TV Deal that I simply cannot reject. You just need to be a loyal Starhub Cable TV subscriber for at least two years and do not have any contract binding you to take up this special offer.

Get the Starhub Cable TV Deal for only S$19.26 and get all these

  • Basic 3 Groups
  • 1 Channel worth $8.56(VV Drama in my case) free for one year
  • 1 Movie Channel free for 6 months (Star Movies in my case)
  • 1 Digital Set-top Box(50% rental discount)

More Savings
But I get more savings from the second month as I own a Hubstation Retail Set. I will return the Digital set-top box in the second month and transfer the service to my current Hubstation. I will save $2.14 on the rental fees and pay only S$17.12 from the second month onwards. This is a One Year Contract. Basically to ensure I do not move to MIO TV.

Extra Charges
They will usually charge u an installation fee of S$72 but will waive off S$42 and you will need to pay for S$30. No GST will be charge for this installation fees. But if you order online, you will need to pay installation fees of S$32.10 inclusive of GST. 

You do not need to be a Hub Club Member to enjoy the Deal!

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