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PSP Games Downloads Update April 09

New PSP Games are launched and available for download at PSPISO. Certain new PSP Games may require Custom Firmware 4.0 and above to work.

Recently Launched PSP Games

Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 JPN
Nanatama Chronicle of Dungeon Maker JPN
Air Conflicts USA
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus USA
Hammerin' Hero USA
DT Carnage USA
Sengoku Basara Battle Heros JPN
Dragonball Evolution USA
Military History Commander Europe at War EUR
Tenchu Shadow Assasins USA
Major League Baseball 2K9 USA
Buzz Brain Of The UK EUR

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LocoRoco 2

Part 1 : [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 2 : [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 3 : [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 4 : [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 5 : [Rar: 249 MB]
Part 6 : [Rar: 223 MB]

…………… OR …………..

LocoRoco 2 RETAIL EUR MULTI-12 Single Link
[Rar: 1.43 GB]

Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
If CSO : 1.52 GB
Tested: 5.00 M33-3


How to add EBOOT.PBP Games to PSP?

Most of the PSP Games comes in the format of ISO or CSO. These games are put in the E:ISO as many gamers know.
But there are also games that come with two files which are the EBOOT.PBP and KEYS.BIN and have to be treated specially. These are mostly, demo games or some games converted from Playstation series. You have to create a folder(eg. pspmyspace) and place these two files in that folder. You will put this folder in the following:
Basically u just copy the folder where you place the two files into E:PSPGAME

Everybodys Golf 2 Multi5 EUR FULL ISO 1.25 GB

Everybodygolf2Packed with new characters, courses and items, Everybody's Golf 2 gives
you a whole range of new golfing fun to unlock and master. Featuring
refined gameplay and polished visual effects, plus extensive
multiplayer features, Everybody's Golf 2 is the perfect chance to show
up your friends, and a great excuse to putt in even more practice.

Part 1 : [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 2 : [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 3 : [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 4 : [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 5 : [Rar: 99.9 MB]
Part 6 : [Rar: 33.9 MB]

Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
If cso : 1.09 GB
Tested 3.90 M33


PSP Games Download Links

New release PSP Games are now available at the PSPISO.COM for all gamers. There are limited bandwidth for users using the file storage servers like Rapidshare, Megaupload and many others. You will not have a problem if you are a premium users of the file storage sites.

Hottest Games Downloads
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 The Phantom Fortress USA
Space Invaders Extreme USA
Everybodys Golf 2
Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core


Audition Portable

Audition Portable is based on the popular Korean online dancing game
"Audition". The new PSP™ edition now allows gamers to enjoy the game
everywhere and at anytime. The song selection exceeds more than 100
tunes, including Audition songs composed by T3 Entertainment.

The game supports a network function, which allows up to six players to
compete against another as well as an online ranking mode. A content
download service has been planned upon release of this game, which
provides users with new download maps, songs and dance motions.

The UMD contains additional content that can be transferred to your PC
via memory stick, such as background images, songs and more.

Part 1 : [Rar: 199 MB]
Part 2 : [Rar: 199 MB]
Part 3 : [Rar: 199 MB]
Part 4 : [Rar: 106 MB]
Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
Tested and working 3.90 M33 and above

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Memory Stick Prices

Memorystickproduo4gb The Memory Stick Pro Duo price has been reduced once again. It is indeed a good news for PSP gamers particularly the students community. 4GB San Memork Stick Pro Duo cost S$72  while the 8GB cost S$135. The 8GB is currently the most popular version as it allows you to put more games, videos and MP3 on your PSP. 4GB is a popular choice among the student gamers.

Downstream Panic

Downstream_panic_2 The goal of Downstream Panic! is simple. A blob (or two) of water starts at the top of the screen, and when you press Start, it begins flowing downward into the environment. It’s your job to make sure that the fish contained in said water make it to the bottom of the stage in a safe manner, with sectioned-off areas of the lower water filled with vicious piranha. To clear the first level, all you need to do is use your trusty rockets to blow holes in two sections of the land, and your fish will gracefully flow into the ocean below.

After that, things start getting much more tricky. You’ll have to use a number of tools, like seeds that grow plants to stop the flow of water or fans that blow flowers to open bridges, but these are hand-selected and very limited in each level. Generally speaking, you start with the exact tools that you’ll need to complete the level and no more, so careful planning is necessary to complete the stages by saving the requisite number of fish.

Part 1  [99 MB]
Part 2  [26 MB]
Password: mickey


Patapon PSP Game

PataponPatapon's ingenious combination of light real-time strategy and rhythm makes it a one-of-a-kind game that's easy to recommend. It is now one of the best released rhythm games released by Sony and has got top ratings given by PSP Gamers.
The Patapons have a very unassuming appearance. Their small, cycloptic frames belie their fierce warrior spirit which made them strong enough to force evil from their land. Unfortunately, the glory has long been lost, as the Patapons have been driven from their homeland by the evil Zigoton army. Even worse, their inspiration, a deity that they revered and called "Almighty," disappeared with their magical drums that motivated them, causing the Patapons to fall into disarray. Only one of the tribe known as Hatapon believed that Almighty would return to lead them to glory, and when the god does return, Hatapon picks up the banner of the tribe and leads his tribesmen against the Zigotons.
Read More>>> [Rar: 138 MB]

Patapon super guide… Thanks babymilo
Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
If CSO : 210 MB
Configuration>UMD Mod>Sony NP9660 NO-UMD
Tested : 3.80 M33-5


Patapon M33 Driver problem

There are some games that will not work with your M33 driver. For example, Patapon will hang during loading the game. This can be resolved by choosing the Sony NP9660 Driver. But the M33 driver will work on most ISO games.

Follow the follow steps to change to the Sony NP9960 Driver>>>

  • Press the Top Right button when you on the PSP
  • Choose Configuration at the M33 Menu
  • Go to UMD mode and select Sony Np9960
  • Press the Back and Exit the M33 Menu

Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Winningeleven2008PES 2008 takes soccer to the next level. The game features a brand new intelligence system, called Teamvision, that adapts and reacts to players own gameplay styles to ensure that the computer controlled opponents are always challenging and forcing the player to think and chance their style of play to avoid being out-thought by the game. It learns counter attacks that target your weaknesses and looks to exploit any repetitive tactics players use. Meanwhile in PES 2008 defenders react better to danger, closing down the ball and charging at shots and the goalkeepers will hold shots that are closer to them as well. Teammates make more intelligent runs into space and the close control has been sharpened to ensure quick and fluid passing and speedy attacks can be built.

The game is available in Japanese and English.