Playstation Network Status

100px-PSN_logo_color_trans Many PS3 Gamers are now playing their games without going online. Hardcore gamers are eager awaiting for the PSN Status to be resumed. Some desperate gamers have even trade in their PS3 for the XBox. The reputation of Sony are at stake. Sony does not have a schedule or deadline for them to bring the PSN back online to the millions of PS3 users worldwide.

Many questions will need to be answer

  • Have Sony never invested or mean test the PSN?
  • Is Playstation Plus Members information at stake?
  • Is the customers credit card info compromised?

PS3 Gamers like us can still continue our playing just without the online experience. But the truth is most PS3 games are built with the online experience. Let’s just wait patiently for the PSN to be resumed at the end of this month or even June 2011.

Check the PSN Status here>>>

PSP, PSP Video

Playing UMD Videos

Many PSP users are not sure how to play the UMD videos in iso format on their PSP. It is very easy but need a few steps to be taken before you can play it. You must put the UMD Video(iso format) in the /ISO/VIDEO/ folder. If you do not have the VIDEO folder in the ISO folder, please create one. After you have put the UMD Video in, you will not be able to see on the PSP. Do not panic and follow the below steps to play the UMD Video

  • Go to the recovery menu
  • Press the right trigger and the ‘ON’ button together
  • Select Configuration
  • Selct UMD Mode to Enabled
  • Select Use VshMenu and ensured it is enabled
  • Select Back and Exit from the Menu
  • Press Select at the Main Menu
  • VSH Menu will appear
  • Go to ISO Video Mount
  • It show None now
  • Press the left arrow key pad
  • It will show the UMD Video Name
  • Select it and press Exit

The UMD Video will now load up after a few seconds. You can now play the UMD Videos. This is tested on a PSP using 3.90 M33 Firmware. If you have any queries, please email us by clicking here.


PSP Download sites

There are many PSP download sites like PSPBlender, MyPSPCentre and many others which allow you to download games for a lifetime fee. These site made use of peer to peer network for you to download PSP games and it may take up a day or more just to download 1 game.
Another alternative is to download games from forums where user have upload the games to file storage server like, Rapidshare, Megaupload and others. This will activate the download immediately just as you download file from any server. It will take less than 3 hours to download a 1GB game depending on the bandwidth and your broadband speed. You need to be a Premium member or there will be bandwidth limit for free users. PSPISO is a forum where games are uploaded using this kind of method.

Access PSP Games at PSPBlender


Improve Memory Card Performance

A PSP will read Memory Sticks in FAT format faster than FAT32. For 2GB and below, the memory stick is always formatted to FAT. However, for 4GB and above, due to limitations of the FAT file system, the default formatted file system is FAT32. This will cause your game to lag.

How do I know if my 4gb memory stick is in FAT or FAT32?

In your computer, right click the driver letter of your memory card and hit properties. You will see this:

Notice in this example, the File system is FAT32. Some games will lag in this format.

How do I format FAT32 to FAT? Go to Command Prompt. To access, go Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt Type in “format x: /fs:fat” (without the quotes and where x: is your memory stick drive letter). Ignore the warnings and just hit Enter or Yes.




Here’s the official SONY release on PSP Slim @ E3:

Subsequently, the following colours were announced for the redesigned PSP: Piano Black, Ceramic White, Ice Silver, Rose Pink, Lavender Purple and Felicia Blue.


We will be releasing the retail price for this set soon!


PSP Guide-Recovery Mode

You can enter the Recovery Mode on your PSP to do some configuration and hacks. To access the Recovery Mode, you must first turn off your PSP completely. Turn on the PSP while holding the R button and you will enter the Recovery Mode. You can enable the UMD option ON and OFF or do some hacks if you know what you are doing. Press the Exit to save your settings and it go back to the PSP menu screen.


PSP Videos

There are many videos which you can download to your PSP for viewing. The videos must be in MP4 format. I am introducing you an website where there are thousands of MP4 videos for putting on your PSP. Download the videos and store the MP4 video in the VIDEO folder of your memory card.


Sony PSP 3.40OE-A Firmware


For the price of $359, you get…

Sony Playstation Portable (PSP)
– Brand New in Box
– 3.40OE-A firmware
– Export Set (7 day warranty. Coverage like Sony)
– Standard Pack (Box, Charger, Battery, Manual, Set)
– Black only.

Screen Protector
– Japan material
– Free application

2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo
– 1939mb
– Guaranteed no lag in game!
– SanDisk

You can play download games, iso files without the need of emulators like fastloader or UMD Emulator.