PSP Download sites

There are many PSP download sites like PSPBlender, MyPSPCentre and many others which allow you to download games for a lifetime fee. These site made use of peer to peer network for you to download PSP games and it may take up a day or more just to download 1 game.Another alternative is to download games from forums where user

PSP Videos

There are many videos which you can download to your PSP for viewing. The videos must be in MP4 format. I am introducing you an website where there are thousands of MP4 videos for putting on your PSP. Download the videos and store the MP4 video in the VIDEO folder of your memory card.Visit PSP CONNECT>>>

Sony PSP 3.40OE-A Firmware

For the price of $359, you get… Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) – Brand New in Box– 3.40OE-A firmware– Export Set (7 day warranty. Coverage like Sony)– Standard Pack (Box, Charger, Battery, Manual, Set)– Black only. Screen Protector– Japan material– Free application 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo– 1939mb– Guaranteed no lag in game!– SanDisk You can play download games, iso

Game Data

PSP games allowed you to auto saved the game data or save the game manually. You must remember to saved your game progress or u have to start playing the game all over again. You can see your saved game data in the Saved Data Utility in the Game Menu on your PSP. Click on the Saved Data Utility and

Viewing videos on PSP

Many PSP users have downloaded videos(MP4) to their PSP but was unable to view it. You must stored all your videos in the VIDEO folder. In the main Memory Stick , you must have these folders, MP_ROOT, MUSIC, PICTURE, PSP and VIDEO. If you do not have one, you can create the folder on the memory stick. The folder name

LocoRoco Demo

What? Another LocoRoco demo? You bet! We’re certainly not going to complain. Fresh from the Japanese website, this demo boosts the number of playable LocoRoco demos up to five. Play the Demo Game1. Download the demo EBOOT file.2. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.3. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.4. Create NPJG90002 folder.5. Copy EBOOT file into

Memory Stick Pro Duo

RapidGX is the most advance Memory Stick Pro Duo by SanDisk. It is compatible for usage on your Sony PSP. The transfer of your games, music, photos and videos will be faster. The package includes a free MicroMate reader and writer and RapidGX media to organize your PSP files and convert your videos to PSP format. The RapidGX software must