Audition Portable

Audition Portable is based on the popular Korean online dancing game
"Audition". The new PSP™ edition now allows gamers to enjoy the game
everywhere and at anytime. The song selection exceeds more than 100
tunes, including Audition songs composed by T3 Entertainment.

The game supports a network function, which allows up to six players to
compete against another as well as an online ranking mode. A content
download service has been planned upon release of this game, which
provides users with new download maps, songs and dance motions.

The UMD contains additional content that can be transferred to your PC
via memory stick, such as background images, songs and more.

Part 1 : [Rar: 199 MB]
Part 2 : [Rar: 199 MB]
Part 3 : [Rar: 199 MB]
Part 4 : [Rar: 106 MB]
Password : hako
Ripped : nothing
Tested and working 3.90 M33 and above

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