NTUC Food Fare Rental Rises #1

NTUC Food Fare@Admiralty has seen a few new stalls again. Out of interests I ask my favourite stalls why the previous owners want to give up their store. Is it beacause of bad business or venturing into new grounds? I found out that NTUC Food Fare has risen the stall rentals once again and some stall holders has chosen to give up their business due to the high rental.

There are a few stores who now charges 20 cents for package food. This includes the Chicken Rice Store, Wan Tun Noodle Store and the Fish Soup Store. These costs are pass to the consumers and I think that 20 cents for packaging is just too expensive. If you happen to be in Toa Payoh Industrial area, a piece of these packaging is less than 10 cents. Furthermore if you buy in bulk, the cost may be even lower.

NTUC Food Fare is actually giving discount to NTUC Members, this looks encouraging. Some stores will offer a 20 cents discount on a promotion dish for NTUC Members only. But on the other end, NTUC Food Fare is also driving the food costs up by rising the stall rentals.

Best Bargains at NTUC FoodFare@Admiralty

Deluxe Breakfast comprising coffee,2 eggs and a slice of bread for S$1.20 for NTUC Members only

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