Food and Drink

Tonkotsu Ramen

The Tonkotsu King Ramen is one of the special Ramen you should not missed.

There will always be a light queue (waiting time: 30mins) at the store. You can enjoy free tea while waiting for your turn.

They will take down your order so that they can made preparation immediately after allocating seats for the diners.

This restaurant only had a seating capacity of 28 persons.

DIY and grind your own pepper to garnish the Ramen

Free flow of eggs so you do not need to do special top up

Tonkotsu King Ramen

Kids under 10 eat for free

Complement your Ramen with Gyoza

You should ask for normal soup as it maybe quite salty. Do not add chicken oil to made it a healthy choice.

You can choose to have your Ramen as follow

  • Hard
  • Normal
  • Soft

All the seasoning are on the table for your usage with your meal. Free flow of water where other restaurant will even charge you for it like Paradise Dynasty or Crystal Jade.

This restaurant is run by Japanese so the service is tip top unlike those other branded stores run by local which still lack service delivery.

The address of Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King is:
Paya Lebar Square
60 Paya Lebar Road
#01-04 Paya Lebar Square
Singapore 409051
Tel: +65 63416123

I will not comment much and you may give it a try to feel your taste buds.


Starhub Porting over land line

Starhub porting over of land line is not as seamless as mention on their website. Timing is quite important to ensure your downtime is as minimum as possible.

Time Line

It takes 7 working days to unlock your land line and enable the incoming Telco to process the application. The incoming Telco take 5 working days to complete the transfer. Therefore you are looking at a few days if downtime if it is time correctly. The whole process will take 12 business working days to complete.


Sending in the transfer app by email is not seamless. You need to ensure the agent receive your form else it is not counted. Sitting in the email is not good enough as their sales executive share the same email.

Therefore it is better to submit through the customer service centre to ensure acceptance of instruction to act.

Please leave a comment if your porting over of land line is delay in anywhere.


Samsung S8 and Linksys Router

Samsung S8+ was not performing at the optimum when I upgraded my router to EA 7500 via Starhub. Certain apps like Google Play are taking longer time to initate the download. The internet is working fine on the browser and certain apps and that is why you may not discover immediately.

The most obvious for my case is my Word and Excel app was taking longer time to connect to Dropbox files and unable to download it to process. It will give you no internet connect after some time. WhatsApp take 10 secs longer to start the download.

Recommended Solution

  1. You just need to forget the network
  2. Please forget 2 network channels (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  3. Switch off the router for 2 minutes
  4. Switch on the router
  5. Connect back to network and key in your password

This may resolve lagging issue and that you are facing. Android Nougat is known to have Wifi issue. Thus if you use mobile network, it will not occur.

Hope the above info helps all. The Linksys support also not sure of the root cause and will recommend this method unless it do not work.

Else you will need to send your S8 back to the Samsung service Centre as it have nothing to do with the router or apps.

Kia Cerato

Change Car Battery

This is probably the last time I am going to change my car battery. It had dropped to 198CCA and it may goes faulty anytime if I am not lucky. In addition, mine is an off peak car which I drive during weekend only.

This new Bosch battery give me 591CCA which is above the specs of 560CCA.

What is CCA?
Cold cranking amps (CCA) is a measurement of the number of amps a battery can deliver at 0°F for 30 seconds and not drop below 7.2 volts. So a high CCA battery rating is especially important in starting battery applications, and in cold weather.This measurement is not particularly important in deep cycle batteries, though it is the most commonly “known” battery measurement.

Credit: Battery Basic>>>

It is critical you know 24hr mobile mechanic whom can help you when your car break down. You will not need to incurr towing charges and yet resolve your car issues.


S8 Plus Moisture Error

The moisture sensor on S8/S8+ is a totally new error. I panic when I got it the first time. This was not evident in the earlier Glaxay S series model.

You will not be able to charge your phone when you got the above error. The only way you can charge is by using the wireless charging station if u have one.

Else get ready to do the following. Clean your data cable and S8 charging port. You can use a cotton bud or any soft material that can wipe on the port. This will help to remove the moisture present on the port of charging cable.

If the above does not work, then you will need to visit the local Samsung Store.