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Samsung S8 and Linksys Router

Samsung S8+ was not performing at the optimum when I upgraded my router to EA 7500 via Starhub. Certain apps like Google Play are taking longer time to initate the download. The internet is working fine on the browser and certain apps and that is why you may not discover immediately.

The most obvious for my case is my Word and Excel app was taking longer time to connect to Dropbox files and unable to download it to process. It will give you no internet connect after some time. WhatsApp take 10 secs longer to start the download.

Recommended Solution

  1. You just need to forget the network
  2. Please forget 2 network channels (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  3. Switch off the router for 2 minutes
  4. Switch on the router
  5. Connect back to network and key in your password

This may resolve lagging issue and that you are facing. Android Nougat is known to have Wifi issue. Thus if you use mobile network, it will not occur.

Hope the above info helps all. The Linksys support also not sure of the root cause and will recommend this method unless it do not work.

Else you will need to send your S8 back to the Samsung service Centre as it have nothing to do with the router or apps.

Hi Bixby

Bixby is live in Singapore and many other countries. If you have downloaded and face some issues,  please follow the below steps:

1. Open settings > Apps > Bixby Home > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data
2. Open Bixby Voice and do the same process as shown in number 1.
3. Restart your phone
4. after restarting DOUBLE PRESS BIXBY BUTTON then it will automatically go to set up your BIXBY VOICE!

It is friendly and learning your pronunciation day by day. Press the Bixby and said open map, it will open Google Map. Enjoy it.

Samsung S8+ Wireless SGx

The Samsung S8+ supports Wireless SGX. You do not need to login every time Wireless SGX is in range. You only need to do one time setup on the S8+.

Setting up Wireless SGX
Goto Settings – Connections – Wifi
Long press the Wireless@SGX to enter the settings as below:
EAP method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
CA Certificate: (Unspecified)
The identity will represent your user name. Key in your Wireless SG user name and password.
Identity: xxx@singtel
Password: xxxxxxxxx

After the setup, your S8+ will automatically connect to Wireless SGX automatically when in the wifi range.

Samsung J5 Prime Tips #01

The Samsung Prime J5 is retailing for $298 at the Samsung store and comes with 1 year local warranty.

The model number is SM-G570Y/DS and is meant for the Singapore market. According to Samsung Store (Westgate), this is a newly launch product for the Singapore Market. I check out the nearby mobile store at Jurong East MRT which retail the same J5 Prime but model may be export set. It display 3 months shop warranty and is more expensive. Therefore buying at Samsung Store is value for money and guarantee a local set where the warranty will be valid.

It carry the latest Marshmallow software and had more features than Samsung Note 4. The specs is lower than the Note 4 but the advance software made up for it. This had been Samsung marketing strategy of not delivering the same firmware to all phones unlike iPhone.

Be extra careful when purchasing at these shops as it may not provide Samsung local warranty due to the source of the product. You need to verify with Samsung the warranty after you purchase from the shop. I believe you do not want to be disadvantage if the phone is faulty after 3 months.



Android is going into deep sleep

Is your Android smartphone not going into deep sleep? It will be draining battery at a considerable rate if it is running the CPU at 300MHz. Use the CPU Spy to check whether it is going to deep sleep when u are not using it.


Try the following if it is not going to deep sleep
Option 1
1. Power off and remove your battery out for 2 mins.
2. Fix the battery back and power on it.

Option 2
1. Reboot into recovery mode
2. Wipe the cache
3. Exit and reboot the system

Leave a comment on whether this help you to stop the battery drain.

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

Many android users will have meet this message on your android phone one way or another. This usually happens when u press the *,# or + and the phone button to made the call.

After u press the *,# follow by some numbers, it shows USSD Code is running and later the Connection problem or invalid MMI Code will appear. You have enter a code the system does not understand. But if u have press *#06#, it will display the IMEI Code. There are many special codes that start with * or # and follow by numbers and pressing the SEND or Phone icons.

If you start up the phone and this error prompts, it means the sim card or your phone system is automatically sending a special code to the cell phone company but not recongnized by the cell phone company system.

What is a MMI Code?
An MMI Code is a sequence of digits that is entered into your phone to make it perform some special action. These codes start and end with a * or # so they don't get confused with phone numbers you might want to dial. They're usually only valid when you're not on a call, so if you key one in while connected to your cellphone company's IVR system they won't be recognized. Some MMI Codes are dealt with by your phone – for example, there's usually one you can key in to find out what software version your phone has installed. Most MMI Codes are sent to your Cellphone company as they are used to turn features on and off (Like call forwarding, call waiting, etc).

Why does my phone say "MMI Code Failed"?
This will usually happen because your Cellphone company has decided that you aren't allowed to forward your calls. It could be because you are on a "plan" that doesn't have the forwarding feature (pre-pay/flex-pay plans usually restrict this feature). Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to 'bypass' this error – if you believe your plan should allow you to use this feature you will need to call your cellphone company and ask them to (a) let you control it from your phone, or (b) set the forwarding for you.
Note: If you go for option (b) make very sure that they only turn on "Conditional" forwarding (this only forwards Busy/No-Answer/Unavailable calls). Sometimes they'll accidentally turn on "Unconditional" forwarding (this forwards ALL calls!).

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Samsung Galaxy Note Screen Protector

GalaxynoteThe Samsung Galaxy Note has just been relesased hours before my post. Many of you must be frantic looking for screen protector which has not arrived in Singapore. I will list a few places where you will be able to get your screen protector for your beloved Samsung Galaxy S2.




Online Store

Singapore Retail Store

Mobile Square
#02-98, Far East Plaza
14, Scotts Road
Singapore (228213)

DOML International Pte Ltd
336 Smith Street #05-302
New Bridge Centre
Singapore 050336

The Samsung Galaxy Note screen protector will soon be available in your countries mobile retail store.

Hands on: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the new tablet to beat | Techgoondu

After seeing Apple launch its ultra-thin iPad 2, the Korean firm went back to the drawing board by designing an even slimmer version of an already attractive Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet (original hands on here).

The result: a tablet that is, hands-down, the one to get. From a quick hands-on today at a Samsung launch event in Singapore, I can say that the super-light frame (560g for the Wi-Fi model, 565g for 3G model) is definitely a lot more handier than many other Android tablets of the same size.

At only 8.6mm thick, it is also the thinnest 10.1-inch tablet by a whisker, beating the iPad 2′s 8.8mm.