Fifa Soccer 11 on PS3

EA Sports has released the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC versions of its highly-anticipated playable demo of FIFA 11, on Xbox Live, PlayStation Store and respectively. FIFA 11 is schedule for release on 1st October. We are going to show you that you can get the Fifa 11 from just US$48.75 for all PS3 Fans. Buy FIFA Soccer 11 (PS3™)

Sony PS Slim 120GB

The Sony PS3 Slim 120GB is retailing at major game outlets from S$440 onwards. Please do not buy the Sony PS3 Slim at Sony Centre as it cost S$512 which cost S$50 more than other games outlets.  You will notice some game outlets will charge you $440 for the Sony PS3 120GB set but they will write S$100 more than