Playing UMD Videos

Many PSP users are not sure how to play the UMD videos in iso format on their PSP. It is very easy but need a few steps to be taken before you can play it. You must put the UMD Video(iso format) in the /ISO/VIDEO/ folder. If you do not have the VIDEO folder in the ISO folder, please create one. After you have put the UMD Video in, you will not be able to see on the PSP. Do not panic and follow the below steps to play the UMD Video

  • Go to the recovery menu
  • Press the right trigger and the ‘ON’ button together
  • Select Configuration
  • Selct UMD Mode to Enabled
  • Select Use VshMenu and ensured it is enabled
  • Select Back and Exit from the Menu
  • Press Select at the Main Menu
  • VSH Menu will appear
  • Go to ISO Video Mount
  • It show None now
  • Press the left arrow key pad
  • It will show the UMD Video Name
  • Select it and press Exit

The UMD Video will now load up after a few seconds. You can now play the UMD Videos. This is tested on a PSP using 3.90 M33 Firmware. If you have any queries, please email us by clicking here.

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