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How to Put Videos and Movies on PSP?

Most people will not put users on the videos as they only have a 512MB, 1GB or 2GB card. But with memory card prices dropping, many users can now put videos on their memory card. A 8GB card cost US$60 and therefore you still have plenty of spaces for your music and videos. You must have a USB Cable or Card Reader also.

Follow the steps below to put Videos on PSP
1-Connect the computer and the PSP together, making sure that the PSP is switched off to begin with, and switch the PSP on once the connection is made.

2-With the PSP go into the SETTINGS menu, and press X, which should link the PSP to the computer. If you then go into MY COMPUTER on the computer, you should see an extra volume has been attached. This is the PSP/Playstation Portable.

3-Open the PSP memory card and then open the folder called PSP. With this open you need to create another folder inside that one, this one called “MP_ROOT” and then another one called “100MNV01”

4-Save the movies you want to watch in the folder “100MNV01” and then you are ready to rock! The movies can be started by clicking on the saved image inside the memory card. One thing to note though is that the movies need to be in MP4 format.

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Playing UMD Videos

Many PSP users are not sure how to play the UMD videos in iso format on their PSP. It is very easy but need a few steps to be taken before you can play it. You must put the UMD Video(iso format) in the /ISO/VIDEO/ folder. If you do not have the VIDEO folder in the ISO folder, please create one. After you have put the UMD Video in, you will not be able to see on the PSP. Do not panic and follow the below steps to play the UMD Video

  • Go to the recovery menu
  • Press the right trigger and the ‘ON’ button together
  • Select Configuration
  • Selct UMD Mode to Enabled
  • Select Use VshMenu and ensured it is enabled
  • Select Back and Exit from the Menu
  • Press Select at the Main Menu
  • VSH Menu will appear
  • Go to ISO Video Mount
  • It show None now
  • Press the left arrow key pad
  • It will show the UMD Video Name
  • Select it and press Exit

The UMD Video will now load up after a few seconds. You can now play the UMD Videos. This is tested on a PSP using 3.90 M33 Firmware. If you have any queries, please email us by clicking here.

PSP Video

Playing MP4 and AVC

The PSP player support playing video files in the format of MP4 and AVC videos. The videos will have an extension of .mp4 after you convert the videos. Most conversion software for PSP video will also rename the video file for usage on the PSP. MP4 video will have the extension of M4VXXXXX.mp4 and AVC video is MAQXXXXX.mp4 for usage on your PSP.
You must follow the standard of PSP and cannot put the file anywhere on the memory stick or it will not be recognize by the player. MP_ROOT101ANV01 must put video that are name MAQXXXXX.mp4 (X represent number), example MAQ10001.mp4(video name). MP_ROOT101MNV01 must put video that are name M4VXXXXX.mp4 (X represent number), example M4V00001.mp4(video name). Some common MP4 videos can also be put in the VIDEO folder.
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PSP Video

Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7

I am using the Free YouTube to iPod Converter 2.7 to download YouTube videos for viewing on my PSP. It allow me to catch YouTube videos while I am on the move or resting. You just need to enter the YouTube URL and it will automatically download the YouTube video. The file will be converted to MP4 format and can be play on your Apple Ipod, Sony PSP, Mobile Phone supporting MP4 videos like Sony Ericsson.


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ImTOO MP4 Video Converter, MP4 converter to convert MP4 video professionally, helps you convert all popular video formats to MP4 (MPEG4), as MPEG to MP4 converter and AVI to MP4 converter, MP4 to AVI converter. MP4 converter also supports PSP H.264 Codec. ImTOO MP4 video converter can convert movie MP4 to MP3, AAC, M4A as an audio MP4 converter further. Just a few clicks to convert AVI to MP4, MPEG to MP4 easily. This also includes a PSP Video Manager to help to manage your PSP Videos files and conversion.
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