Playing MP4 and AVC

The PSP player support playing video files in the format of MP4 and AVC videos. The videos will have an extension of .mp4 after you convert the videos. Most conversion software for PSP video will also rename the video file for usage on the PSP. MP4 video will have the extension of M4VXXXXX.mp4 and AVC video is MAQXXXXX.mp4 for usage on your PSP.
You must follow the standard of PSP and cannot put the file anywhere on the memory stick or it will not be recognize by the player. MP_ROOT101ANV01 must put video that are name MAQXXXXX.mp4 (X represent number), example MAQ10001.mp4(video name). MP_ROOT101MNV01 must put video that are name M4VXXXXX.mp4 (X represent number), example M4V00001.mp4(video name). Some common MP4 videos can also be put in the VIDEO folder.
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