How to Put Videos and Movies on PSP?

Most people will not put users on the videos as they only have a 512MB, 1GB or 2GB card. But with memory card prices dropping, many users can now put videos on their memory card. A 8GB card cost US$60 and therefore you still have plenty of spaces for your music and videos. You must have a USB Cable or Card Reader also.

Follow the steps below to put Videos on PSP
1-Connect the computer and the PSP together, making sure that the PSP is switched off to begin with, and switch the PSP on once the connection is made.

2-With the PSP go into the SETTINGS menu, and press X, which should link the PSP to the computer. If you then go into MY COMPUTER on the computer, you should see an extra volume has been attached. This is the PSP/Playstation Portable.

3-Open the PSP memory card and then open the folder called PSP. With this open you need to create another folder inside that one, this one called “MP_ROOT” and then another one called “100MNV01”

4-Save the movies you want to watch in the folder “100MNV01” and then you are ready to rock! The movies can be started by clicking on the saved image inside the memory card. One thing to note though is that the movies need to be in MP4 format.

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