PUB Watermark Award 2014

I have attended the PUB Watermark Award at Woodgrove Secondary School. It was a fruitful session organised by PUB for potential 2014 nominees.

The PUB has shared with the applicants on how to make the application. But the closing date is on 31 Aug which gives all applicants 32  days to do the write up only.

Woodgrove Secondary School was the award recipient for 2013. They share on their efforts on water conservation and how they transfer this knowledge to the students.

Sony was also invited to the session. They also share on how they do water conservation and motivated their staff to attend events related to water. They will assume their corporate social responsibility to show the society on their water conservation action.

The session was followed by a environment trail where Woodgrove show the participants on their environment savings techniques. They have build a open area for students to attend workshop. No lighting is needed but only the fans to keep the students cool.  They also collected aluminium cans for recycling. It also have a small solar panel in one of their gardens.

The event ended with a networking session with other participants. I have know peoples’ from the hotel and school sector. Everyone of us is trying to play a part to help our organisation and Singapore to conserve water.

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