Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP)

It is the responsibilities of Building Owners who consume more than 60,000 Cu M3 of water (all types) in the preceding calendar year to submit a WEMP plan. The WEMP must be submit for at least three consecutive years.

This is going to happen in 2015 and PUB support officers has already done their due neglience by contacting all these large water users. You are considered a qualifying consumers (QC) if  you use more than 60,000 Cu M3 of water.

Step 1
You need to notify PUB that your are a QC (e.g. Water consumption threshold of 60,000 Cu Min 2014) by 31st March 2015.

Step 2
You are required to submit the WEMP (base on preceding year’s data) to PUB by 30thJune 2015.

This can be done through the following channels

  • NEA EDMA Portal (Industries)
  • PUB WEMP Portal (Non-Industries)

More information will be release in 2015 by the relevant authorities. More importantly, you must have a staff who have the knowledge to develop the WEMP Plan. If not, then you must send your staff to attend the Water Efficiency Manager Course conduct by Singapore Poly.
Click here to register for the course>>>

Many existing building owners or companies are not ready yet. But taking the first step out is important to ensure you comply with the requirements. Contact me if you need help on this matter.

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