Make or Renew Malaysia Passports in Singapore

I am renewing my Malaysia Passport in Singapore and sharing the application process with all of you. This information is dated on 17 February 2009 and some rules and regulations may change from time to time.

There is no information for the application or renewal of Malaysia Passport in Singapore. This applied mainly to Malaysian residing in Singapore and holds PR status in Singapore and finds their passport expiring soon.

The Malaysia High Commission is back to its original location after completing renovation works.

High Commission of Malaysia
301 Jervois Road
Singapore 249077
Tel: 6235 0111
Fax: 6733 6135

The temporary location at Hill Street was good as it was a central location. But now they are back at Jerovis Road which may inconvenient some as location not central. The good side is a new building awaits you after renovation. The building is now air-conditioned  and no more queuing under the hot sun or under the rain. Toilets are located nearby and there is also a vending machine for snacks and drinks.

Entry to the High Comm
You will see the main entrance along Jervois Road. Do not join the queue without a security pass. Walk to the Guard House on the left side where you see another gate and exchange for a security pass. Use any ID other than your Malaysia IC or Singapore PR IC as you need it later. People start to form the queue outside starting from 7AM in the morning. The guard will let the people in around 730AM to 8AM.

Step 1. Take Photographs
Two passport sized photos, blue background only.

You will neeed Two Passport sized Photos for your Passport Application. Please do not attempt to try to go to any Photo Studio outside and take the Photo. It may result in rejection and a waste of money for you. Take the Photos at the High Comm where they provide the service and it will be 100% accepted. They provide you the right size and importantly the right shade of blue background that is required. If you taken from outside, they may reject you just on the shade of the background. This service cost $S6 for the Instant Photo Services.

Step 2. Filling Forms
Do not bother to download the from from the Internet
as they will not accept it. You need to pay for the form and cost you
S$0.50 cents. Fill in properly as each form cost $0.50 cents. Fill up the forms accompany with the required documents and photos.

Step 3. Getting Queue Number
The staff here will verify your form and all the necessary documents. You cannot get a queue number unless you complete the form plus the required documents and two passport sized photos.

Step 4. Submitting Form
Wait for your Queue Number to be call and submit all the forms and the necessary documents. The passport cost RM$300 but do not need to bring you Malaysia Ringgit. It is chargeable in Singapore Dollars and will be converted based on the day exchange rate. You will made the payment once they have verified your form and all the supporting documents. They will return the Queue Ticket to you so that you can use it to collect your Passport.

Please ensure you make front and back copies on the same piece of paper so as to make the staff work easier.

Original Malaysia IC and Copy
Original Singapore IC and Copy
Expiring/Current Passports

Malaysia Birth Certificate and Copy
Singapore Birth Certificate and Copy
Parents Malaysia IC and Copy
Parents Singapore IC and Copy
Expiring/Current Passports

I created this post for the reference of people who are PRs and have
Singapore blue IC in Singapore.
You will need to provide a copy each of your Malaysian IC (front and
back MY KAD) and a copy each of your Singapore IC (front and back). If
possible, photocopy them together on one paper so easier for the staff
to handle your documents. If you forget to photocopy, you can do it at
the High Comm next to the photo kiosk. Get it done so you do not have
to join another long queue.

I am not sure about those who hold work permits and student passes. But I believe best you need additional documents like your employer documents and studying Institutions documents.

Step 5
Return your security pass to the guard house.

Everything completed in a single day! All submissions must be done in the morning(Best at 8AM to 9AM) and all collections are done after 230PM on the same day.

Step 6
You will need to return after 230PM to collect your Passport. You need to go to the Guard House again to exchange the security pass. Then walk to the front entrance like in the morning. Show the security guard the security pass and the Queue Ticket you have obtain in the morning.

Step 7
It is a bit of messy in the Passport Area. This my experience on that day and may be different for you. I just approach the counter with my Queue Ticket as there was vacancy. They got my Queue Ticket and get it processed and pass me my Passport. If all counters are full, the applicants will queue behind until a counter is available.

Remember to bring money with you to the embassy. You can draw money from the petrol station just across the road(further down at the cross junction).

Re-Entry Pass
For those who have Re-Entry Pass on your old Passport, you need to go to the immigration Authority at Lavender(next to Lavender MRT) to get your Re-Entry Pass. Go to the 5th level and get a form to fill up. Obtain the Queue Ticket and go to the designated counter to get you Re-Entry Pass to be process.

3 thoughts on “Make or Renew Malaysia Passports in Singapore”

  1. Thanks alot for the advise.
    I chanced upon this page when I was searching for information for Malaysian passport renewal.
    This information is really helpful and saved me a lot of trouble.
    I got my passport renewed today and it’s really quite hassle free.
    Just a few points to comment based on my experience today:
    1. There’s no parking. You need to park either at HDB carpark some distance away, or the small roads nearby at your own risk.
    2.You can download and use the form actually. However, you need to ensure that it’s double-sided. They won’t accept single side.
    3. I used the photo taken elsewhere, but u gotta be sure the background colour is correct though, so use it at your own risk.
    4. For passport collection, I need to queue according to the security pass number, not the queue number issued in the morning. However, the collection is quite fast and can complete within few minutes. Hence, no point going there really early to get an small number.
    5. For re-entry pass, it can be done online without the need to travel to Immigration office.
    Hope above helps

  2. Thanks for your update and I will update the blog. The rules are always changing and this guide will be able to help others who are going there to apply like us.

  3. Just submitted birth cert application for my son. I parked at Valley point just opposite the Jervois Road junction.

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