One Phone Number for Life

The era has finally arrive in Singapore, all mobile phone users will get to keep one mobile phone number for life. The full mobile number portability will kicks in on 13 June 2008. Consumers will be able to keep their existing mobile number when they switch mobile operators.

Porting Existing Number
Currently we need to port our existing number to another mobile operator. One time administration fee will apply unless waive by the mobile operator due to promotion. It takes one working day to port the existing number to another telco. Your existing mobile number will then appear on another party’s caller-ID when you Call, SMS or MMS.

Ported Already
Subscribers who have switched operators and currently have their calls forwarded from their old mobile numbers, will be moved to the new service for free. From April 22, the telcos will start informing the 130,000 subscribers using the call-forwarding service to decide which number they would like to keep. They will have until May 14 to decide, and the migration will be completed by June 13.

Telcos will offer more competitive prices and plans in their bid to keep their existing subscribers. There will not be any price war but of course there will be promotions to lure consumers to switch Telcos.

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