Hand, Food and Mouth Disease

PAP Kindergardens and other Child Care Center are on high alert now as the number of Hand, foot and Mouth disease (HFMD) is on the rise. All PAP kindergarden has always has temperature check before admitting the students for lesson.
More than 1,000 children fell ill last week, the highest number of weekly infection since 2001. HFMD is endemic in Singapore with children catching the virus almost daily. Symptoms include fever, a headache, sore throat and a red dash – usually on the limbs and in the mouth – that gives the illness its name.
All parents has also put contingency plan into action should child care center or kindergarden need to close down due to the HFMD. Previously, it happen and parents were at a loss of where to send their children to when Ministry of Health decided to close down a child care center to disinfect the place. So if parents are both working, you must have a plan should this happen again so that it will not affect your work schedule.

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