Nintendo DS Game

The Nintendo DS Games are very interactive and enable a gamer to player with his/her friends. With these advanced and sophisticated games you can compete with your friends and challenge them to beat you. You can further test your skills and knowledge too. We are now seeing more NDS gamers as the library of games are big. Interactive is the key to Nintendo success where the touch screen allow you to do many things.

The unique PictoChat option would permit the Nintendo gamers to interact with one other within their wireless range. Text messages and pictures can also be scripted with the help of stylus on the touch screen interface. Basically, this gaming console has four chat rooms namely A, B, C and D. However sixteen gamers can chat in the same room simultaneously. Thus this unique feature further enhances the Nintento DS games.

The latest Nintendo DS Games, such as The Legend of Spyro, The Legend of Zelda etc are designed with beautiful graphics and animations. The game developers have designed them to cater to the tastes of every category of people. These exciting games have overhauled the gamers’ community with curiosity. The fantasy worlds depicted and designed in these games would help you to travel in your imaginations. They would amply pay off your perseverance. The perplexing puzzles and actions to solve the mysteries are the basic themes of these sports. The elaborate settings and the descriptions can help you to develop your skills and strategies.

The Legend of Zelda has various tricky puzzles and requires creative usage of items. The game is very adventurous, as the player has to trap the bad guys to kill them. Apart from the basic sword battle the gamer can also chat with other DS- centric mechanics. The gamer can also pick up certain items such as bombs, little mobile bombs, arrows, boomerangs etc to kill the enemies.

The Legend of Spyro is also an adventurous electronic sport. The gamer has to combat with different enemies in different ways. Fighting with the enemies continues until the gate opens to take you to the next area. As certain enemies cannot be hurt without taking away their shields, they can be targeted by pattering them on the touchscreen. But every different area is occupied by different enemies and the player has to combat with them. However, there are some ingenious touch screen puzzles to break the monotony of the game levels.

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