Sexy food vendor at Taiwan Market

You can turn your sales into the maximum with acceptable food taste with a lady with good cleavage and ultra shirts. The food do not have to be the best but snaking queue will form due to the guy curiosity and attraction of the opposite sex.

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http://Busty babe in ultra-short shorts helps Taiwanese snack vendor quadruple sales Busty babe in ultra-short shorts helps Taiwanese snack vendor quadruple sales


MiHealthCare Shut Down

MiHealthCare will shut down on 28 Feb as updated by the NHG call centre. They do not want to reply my email but informed me through the phone.

You can still book your appointment through it until 28 Feb 2018. A link to HealthHub app is also present for you to use the new app.

There is a bug in the MiHealthCare where OTP will not be generated within 5 minutes. This usually occurs after 12am and there are customers who login trying to get a early appointment. This will not occur on HealthHub.

From 01 March 2018, all polyclinic Appointments will be carry out using HealthHub. You will need your Singpass account to book the appointment.

Parent will need to book the appointment for their children as they do not have the Singpass account.


Kampung Admiralty Escalator B1 to L1 Updates #01

The Service Team was on site on 16 & 17 Jan trying to rectify the problem. It looks like it was not an easy task as a lot of man hours had been put in. This is consider a relatively new escalator as run time is only less than 6 months. The repair had been completed and open for public usage.

The quality of escalator is very important. Fujitec and Kone usually can rectify their escalator in a timely manner. They only spend more man days when doing preventive maintenance. HDB need to review the operation and quality of IFE before they made subsequent purchase for their other projects or have alternative suppliers.


Singapore is cold at 23 degrees

Tropical Singapore seldom had ambient temperature of 23 degrees or below. We have been enjoying the nice cool weather over the past few days.

This really a nice weather to sleep on your bed. You can feel the coldness on your bed sheet. Now is the time where your warmer blanket come into use without the aircon.

This cool weather may be around for another few more days before the return of the tropical weather.


Kampung Admiralty Escalator B1 to L1

It is critical that escalator are purchase base on quality over price. The equipment are subjected to wear and tear as it needs to transport thousand of people daily.

IFE Escalator

The escalator had break down a few days and this had inconvenient the public. This is the best mode of transport to get to the NTUC Fairprice and POSB outlet. Else you will need to use the lift lobby and cut across the car park.

It is recommended that building owners evaluate products based on minimum 60% quality over cost. More operating expenses will be incurred if the quality of the product is not satisfactory. This will also bring great challenges to FM on maintaining the uptime of the equipment.


Woodlands Ring Secondary Principal Address

Today is the first principal address to the students and parents. It was a fruitful one hour presentation as we discover WRS school management and nurturing our child.

The principal made it very clearly that WRS facility is not as good as the other schools in Woodlands like Evergreen or Woodgrove. I have email MOE hoping that they will have plans to improve the facility and have a more conducive environment for the students. You can play a part also if your child is in this school

The school is still the top three choices during the S1 exercise. This is due to the school management and its good location for residents in Admiralty.

The below is how they will be graded in the first year

  • Term 1 CA Test (15%)
  • Term 2 CA Test (15%)
  • Term 3 CA Test (15%)
  • Final Year Exam (45%)
  • Performance Task (10%)

You will have noticed that they do not have mid year exams unlike most of the main stream secondary schools.

Let’s hope my son will have an enjoyable 4 years in this school. He will be able to walk out of the gates with a good character and acceptable results.

I will talk about WRS CCA in the next post as it is part of their development in the school.