MiHealthCare Shut Down

MiHealthCare will shut down on 28 Feb as updated by the NHG call centre. They do not want to reply my email but informed me through the phone.

You can still book your appointment through it until 28 Feb 2018. A link to HealthHub app is also present for you to use the new app.

There is a bug in the MiHealthCare where OTP will not be generated within 5 minutes. This usually occurs after 12am and there are customers who login trying to get a early appointment. This will not occur on HealthHub.

From 01 March 2018, all polyclinic Appointments will be carry out using HealthHub. You will need your Singpass account to book the appointment.

Parent will need to book the appointment for their children as they do not have the Singpass account.

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