Save PS One Game Data on PS3

I have downloaded PS One Game from the Playstation Store. You can create a virtual memory card meant for saving the PS Game. 

Saving PS Game Data

  • Go to Game
  • Go to Memory Card Utility
  • Create New Internal Memory Card
  • Press 0
  • Choose to create Internal Memory Card for PS
  • Enter the name for Internal Memory Card
  • Press OK

The maximum memory for PS is 120KB.

Assigning Slot to Internal Memory Card

  • Go to Game
  • Go to Memory Card Utility
  • Go to Internal Memory Card
  • Press triangle and select Assign Slots and Press 0
  • Select Slot 1 or 2 and Press 0

The Sony PS3 allows you to play and save PS game that you download from the Playstation Store. I hope all PS3 Gamers enjoy their games.

One thought on “Save PS One Game Data on PS3”

  1. The misleading information is coming not from Sony Tech Staff, but from people like you who give advice without having attempted to use it.
    There is the option to create the ps or ps2 “internal memory card” in the ps3, however it won’t be recognized when you actually attempt to save the game. Your game will look for the memory card, but won’t find it, and when you push the ps button and select “assign slots” it will say “no internal memory card is present”
    On page 27 of the PS3 instruction manual, there are instructions on how to set up your “internal memory card” but there is also a lovely little “NOTICE” which says:
    “This system does not support playback of PlayStation2 format software. Even if you create an internal memory card for PlayStation2 format software, you will not be able to use it to play games.”
    Sony probably pays people like you to give faulty advice about saving ps2 games on a ps3 so that they can keep charging people money when they download games on the ps3 that won’t have the ability to be saved

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