PS3 Yellow Light of Death

The PS3 Yellow Light of Death is similar to the XBox Red Ring of Death. If turning on your system and watch that the yellow light change to a blinking red light it is very frustrating. You press the button over and over trying to get the system to boot, but it does no response to your wishes. Many people will assume their console has really died and there is nothing to do but replace it, this is absolutely untrue.

The PS3 Yellow Light of Death is mostly caused by overheating of the game consoles in most cases. The PS3 console needs adequate ventilation to prevent overheating, or at least make it less likely to happen. Do not block the fan dent behind the console and ensure that they are no things beside the console that will prevent dissipating of heat to the environment. Ensure that the dust accumulating behind the fan dent is clear away so that the fan can do the job of dissipating the heat out to the environment.

You will send the PS3 to Sony for repair if you still have a valid warranty. In Singapore, Sony service Centre are easily accessible by MRT and shipping cost has never been an issue. But if you are from other countries, Sony Service Centre may not be in your vicinity of stay and shipping costs will be involved. So most people will turn to online for fast solutions.

PS3 Yellow Light of Death Solution
There is now a solution to the PS3 Yellow Light of Death. This would save you $200 and the lead time for shipping and repair which would take up from 2 to 6 weeks. You would have fix the PS3 console within 1 hour just like the Sony Technician would have done it.



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