Crazy Window Cleaners

Rappel down the front of a skyscraper at break-neck speeds, cleaning windows as fast as you can! Race opponents in three different gamemodes across 10 different cities! Use wasps’ nests and flower pots to slow your opponents down! Keep racing until you earn all trophies! Features Championship, Hot Seat and Survival game modes Play as three different characters with different

Bubble Town Java Game

Save the Borbs of Borb Bay in Bubble Town. The world famous and highly addictive Facebook Game! Launch cute borbs from your cannon to match 3 or more to set them free. Watch out for the evil bosses!  Or help Rebbeca refurbish a rundown castle into a Pizza palace in Turbo Pizza! Save money to buy new appliances or better

Mary The Miner 2

Mary is back! He is out on a new adventure for fame and fortune. This time he has ventrued down in the depth of the infamous mines of "Kazarakt". Nobody has dared entering these mines for centuries. However, Marv is not called Marv "The Monster Cruncher" for nothing! Filled with features like teleporters, slides, fire hazards, monsters, human canons, flying

Kung Fu Panda

Prepare for Awesomeness! …ON YOUR PHONE! Get the official mobile game based on the characters, locations and storyline of DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda. Check out the unique fighting styles when you play as both Po AND Tai Lung! Train hard as the loveable hero Po to become a legendary Kung Fu master and protect the Valley of Peace. Battle

Crazy Campus

Crazy Campus is a sim game, by Gameloft. Those who have played Miami Nights, and New York Nights, will recognize the similarity in gameplay. The game starts off just like the other sim games by Gameloft, with a dream. Your a college student, who needs to catch up on work to graduate in a few weeks. But, you don’t know

Grey’s Anatomy Java Game

Play Meredith Grey in the official mobile game of the award-winning medical drama. Experience the hectic everyday lives of your favorite doctors as you share their ups and downs and emotional adventures at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meet many other characters from the show and take part in skill-based surgeries to prove your rank. Live out the most striking storylines from

Mobile Burnout

Take the ultimate driving game on the road and create carnage wherever you go with Burnout on your mobile. Grab the wheel and hold on tight as you take down your rivals at adrenaline-fuelled, retina-searing speeds. Leave the rules of the road trailing in your wake and use your car as a deadly weapon to crush the competition, causing the

The Sims Bowling

Join The Sims™ bowling party! Vibrant graphics, accurate physics, and one-button controls deliver bowling fun. Make cool moves and watch your Sim’s popularity soar. Enjoy great bowling action with multiple play modes and adjustable skill levels.It is suitable for SE and Nokia or other phones with a display of 240X320.Download Sims.Bowling.240×

3D Marble Madness Java Game

Originally released in 1984, Marble Madness is now available in a fantastic 3D environment for your 3D mobile phone! With all new features, levels and a stunning graphical look whilst still retaining the classic gameplay that made this one of the most successful arcade games ever. Simple, yet highly addictive, this is a true gaming classic. One on one or

Soviet Spy 2 Umput Forever

Features of the game: – 15 levels which constitute more than 300 screens– 3 worlds (desert, catacombs, underground shelter)– 12-17 enemies depending on your mobile phone– Enemies can use two kinds of fixed weapon– 4 kinds of weapon: two guns, a submachine gun, a flame thrower and a bazooka– Now Shtirlitz can enter into a close combat (a kick)– Well-calculated

Roller Coaster Rush

Take your riders on a gut-wrenching, yowling rollercoaster terror ride! Take on different action-packed rollercoaster tracks all over the world, including the United States, France and Australia. Negotiate huge peaks, steep valleys, loop-the-loops, jumps and more! Race for the best time without flying off the tracks! Speed increases your excitement meter, multiplying your score, but even small jolts are enough