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Crazy Window Cleaners


Rappel down the front of a skyscraper at break-neck speeds, cleaning windows as fast as you can! Race opponents in three different gamemodes across 10 different cities! Use wasps’ nests and flower pots to slow your opponents down! Keep racing until you earn all trophies!


  • Championship, Hot Seat and Survival game modes
  • Play as three different characters with different skills
  • Compete in 10 cities including London, Tokyo and New York
  • Earn different achievement trophies

Tested and works on SE, Nokia, Samsung and Java enabled phone with 240X320 screen size.

Crazy Window Cleaners>>>

Cooking MaMa Java Game


Cooking MaMa is the most favourite game feature by the Nintendo DS and Wii System. You can now play it on the iPhone and mobile phone also. The game starts off offering you 15 recipes – examples include miso soup, fried chicken, and Salisbury steak – and by successfully cooking said dishes you access further recipes until you have a whopping 76 in your repertoire. Each is broken down into a series of tasks, with Mama standing over you on the topscreen and offering instruction on each stage.

It's also possible to practice the tasks before attempting them for real, and you can combine dishes to create for a rounded meal of your choice, too.

Tested and working on Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and java enabled phone with 240X320 screen size.

Cooking Mama>>>

Bubble Popper Deluxe Java Game

BubblePoppersMake crazy chain reactions and burst 1000s of bubbles in up to 64 unbelievably addictive levels! Packed with up to 4 unique worlds, revolutionary physics and crazy bonus levels.


• Up to 64 levels in Story Mode + unique replay star system

• Endless Quick Game Mode!

• Up to 4 Boss Fights

• Up to 10 Special Bubbles – (Rainbow Bubble, Fireworks, Shooting Star etc.)

• Revolutionary innovations!

• Horizontally and vertically scrolling levels

• Up to 4 different Game Worlds with unique characteristics
– Country-side, Underwater, Forest and Frost Mountains

• Crazy Bonus Levels

• Visual awe: eye-stunning animations and transitions

Works on SE, Nokia, Samsung and other Java enabled phone with screen size of 240X320 pixels.

Bubble Popper 240X320 Game>>>

Bubble Town Java Game

BubbleTownSave the Borbs of Borb Bay in Bubble Town. The world famous and highly addictive Facebook Game! Launch cute borbs from your cannon to match 3 or more to set them free. Watch out for the evil bosses! 

Or help Rebbeca refurbish a rundown castle into a Pizza palace in Turbo Pizza! Save money to buy new appliances or better menus. If you save enough you can open a second restaurant. Management has never been so much fun!

This is a bundle game I have found at the IPmart Forum. This is contributed by supplied by drAdeLante.


Works on all Java Phones with a screen size of 240X320 pixels.

You may also play the game on your FaceBook Account.
Bubble Town on Face Book>>>

Mary The Miner 2

Mary is back! He is out on a new adventure for fame and fortune. This time he has ventrued down in
the depth of the infamous mines of "Kazarakt". Nobody has dared
entering these mines for centuries. However, Marv is not called Marv
"The Monster Cruncher" for nothing!
Filled with features like teleporters, slides, fire hazards, monsters,
human canons, flying transporters and of course lots of jewels, this
game offers
hours of excellent entertainment!

For all java enabled phone with 240X320 display.


Kung Fu Panda

Kung_fu_panda_ea_mobile01Prepare for Awesomeness! …ON YOUR PHONE! Get the official mobile game based on the characters, locations and storyline of DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda. Check out the unique fighting styles when you play as both Po AND Tai Lung! Train hard as the loveable hero Po to become a legendary Kung Fu master and protect the Valley of Peace. Battle as the villain Tai Lung, the treacherous snow leopard determined to steal the legendary Dragon Scroll. Features an unlockable character!

Download Kung Fu Panda Java Game

DChoc 20Q™ Mind Reader

I can read your mind… the award-winning web phenomenon 20Q comes to
mobile! Think of a word and 20Q will know it – you have to see it to
believe it! Bonus features include a special anagram game with over 8
000 word puzzles, a multiplayer game + three secret bonus features!


  • Based on the web phenomenon with over 50 million games played
  • Unlimited replay value
  • Multiple bonus features
  • An anagram game with over 8000 unique puzzles in seven languages
  • Guess It!, a party word game for 2-4 players
  • 3 hidden bonus features to unlock
  • Statistics tracking


Crazy Campus

Crazy Campus is a sim game, by Gameloft. Those who have played Miami Nights, and New York Nights, will recognize the similarity in gameplay.
The game starts off just like the other sim games by Gameloft, with a dream. Your a college student, who needs to catch up on work to graduate in a few weeks. But, you don’t know any of the subjects, and you decide that if you get a lot of friends, they’ll help you out.
The main goal is to socialize with other students, and join each of their cliques. You do this the same way as the other games, by getting your friendship star rating to a certain level.


Grey’s Anatomy Java Game

GreysanatomyPlay Meredith Grey in the official mobile game of the award-winning medical drama. Experience the hectic everyday lives of your favorite doctors as you share their ups and downs and emotional adventures at Seattle Grace Hospital. Meet many other characters from the show and take part in skill-based surgeries to prove your rank. Live out the most striking storylines from the first three seasons of ABC’s hit TV show, and go beyond what you’ve seen on TV by challenging yourself to side objectives that you won’t find anywhere else.

My Model Train 2 Winter Edition

Mymodeltrain2winteredition There’s a lot to do for Santa’s helpers during the winter! Take on the difficult task of delivering presents on time and drive the elves to their workplace. Steer your little model train through winterly landscapes, operate signals or switches and transport the precious freight from one train station to another. Avoid collisions with other trains and keep an eye on your water- and coal-supplies, as well as the time! Reindeer Rudi won’t be happy if you should fail to master your tasks on time! The all new Editor-Mode in My Model Train 2 additionally gives you unlimited gaming fun since it allows you to create – and play! – countless model-landscapes.

Download MyModelTrain2_176x220.jar 
Download MyModelTrain2_240x320.jar

Java Extractor

The EQ java Extractor will help you to extract java files out from your mobile phone so that you can upload to your PC. It can extract any java applications or java games on your mobile phone. You must ensure the java applications or games are install on your memory card. It will not work if the applications or games are installed on the phone.
In this case, I am testing it out on a Sony Ericsson Phone.
1.Install java program "EQ Java Extractor"on phone
2.Please move the games you want to extract to memory card
3.Start for "EQ Java Extractor".
4.Select the java games or apps press SELECT.
5."EQ Java Extractor" is closed.
6. The file with game or apps will move to a folder Other.

Please use your SE File Manager and click on Other. You will see the games or apps you have extracted to be inside the folder. It should work with other java enable phone but I am not sure where the files will be extracted to.

Download eq_java_extractor

Mobile Burnout

Mobileburnout Take the ultimate driving game on the road and create carnage wherever you go with Burnout on your mobile. Grab the wheel and hold on tight as you take down your rivals at adrenaline-fuelled, retina-searing speeds. Leave the rules of the road trailing in your wake and use your car as a deadly weapon to crush the competition, causing the most spectacular smashes ever seen in a mobile game. It’s not about crossing the line first, it’s about making sure your rivals never get there!
Download Mobile Burnout Java Game

3D Marble Madness Java Game

3dmarblemadness Originally released in 1984, Marble Madness is now available in a fantastic 3D environment for your 3D mobile phone! With all new features, levels and a stunning graphical look whilst still retaining the classic gameplay that made this one of the most successful arcade games ever.
Simple, yet highly addictive, this is a true gaming classic. One on one or 4 player multiplayer via Bluetooth. State of the art 3D graphics with dynamic environments. Over 12 different levels to play through.

3dMarbleMadness Java Game

3D Tornado Mania 320×240 Java Game


Distressed by rampant pollution, a mad scientist unleashes his bizarre Tornado Machine on the world! Will the world praise or condemn him? Use the tornado to engulf houses, buildings, and even power plants! Bring them to his Antarctic Biosphere to rebuild a utopian society and carry out his mysterious experiment. Don’t feel like saving humanity? Then simply jump into Rampage Mode where you can destroy everything in your path!


  • Utopia and Rampage modes let you build or destroy!
  • Climb the mad scientist ranks in Utopia Mode from Flaky Dreamer to Peace Prize Winner.
  • In Rampage Mode, progress through 20 levels of mad scientist notoriety from Trivial Nuisance to Dr. Armageddon.
  • Gobble up over 30 collectible buildings and landmarks including Malls, Barns, Opera Houses, Gas Stations and more!
  • Gather bonus items like Lightning, Double Funnels and Stars to give your tornado special powers!
  • Monitor your tornado power-up meter to grow to devastating heights!

* Features may vary by handset.

3D Tornado Mania Java Game 240X320

Soviet Spy 2 Umput Forever

Features of the game:

– 15 levels which constitute more than 300 screens
– 3 worlds (desert, catacombs, underground shelter)
– 12-17 enemies depending on your mobile phone
– Enemies can use two kinds of fixed weapon
– 4 kinds of weapon: two guns, a submachine gun, a flame thrower and a bazooka
– Now Shtirlitz can enter into a close combat (a kick)
– Well-calculated physics of the game
– User-friendly controls which take into consideration particular features of the phone


Roller Coaster Rush

Take your riders on a gut-wrenching, yowling rollercoaster terror ride! Take on different action-packed rollercoaster tracks all over the world, including the United States, France and Australia. Negotiate huge peaks, steep valleys, loop-the-loops, jumps and more! Race for the best time without flying off the tracks! Speed increases your excitement meter, multiplying your score, but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into space!


Roller Coaster Rush Forum