3D Tornado Mania 320×240 Java Game


Distressed by rampant pollution, a mad scientist unleashes his bizarre Tornado Machine on the world! Will the world praise or condemn him? Use the tornado to engulf houses, buildings, and even power plants! Bring them to his Antarctic Biosphere to rebuild a utopian society and carry out his mysterious experiment. Don’t feel like saving humanity? Then simply jump into Rampage Mode where you can destroy everything in your path!


  • Utopia and Rampage modes let you build or destroy!
  • Climb the mad scientist ranks in Utopia Mode from Flaky Dreamer to Peace Prize Winner.
  • In Rampage Mode, progress through 20 levels of mad scientist notoriety from Trivial Nuisance to Dr. Armageddon.
  • Gobble up over 30 collectible buildings and landmarks including Malls, Barns, Opera Houses, Gas Stations and more!
  • Gather bonus items like Lightning, Double Funnels and Stars to give your tornado special powers!
  • Monitor your tornado power-up meter to grow to devastating heights!

* Features may vary by handset.

3D Tornado Mania Java Game 240X320

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