Cooking MaMa Java Game


Cooking MaMa is the most favourite game feature by the Nintendo DS and Wii System. You can now play it on the iPhone and mobile phone also. The game starts off offering you 15 recipes – examples include miso soup, fried chicken, and Salisbury steak – and by successfully cooking said dishes you access further recipes until you have a whopping 76 in your repertoire. Each is broken down into a series of tasks, with Mama standing over you on the topscreen and offering instruction on each stage.

It's also possible to practice the tasks before attempting them for real, and you can combine dishes to create for a rounded meal of your choice, too.

Tested and working on Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and java enabled phone with 240X320 screen size.

Cooking Mama>>>

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  1. Cooking Mama mobile game. The game starts with you offers 15 recipes – examples include miso soup, fried chicken and Salisbury steak – and successfully cooking said dishes you can access other recipes that you have a huge 76 in his repertoire.

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