Return to Malaysia during lockdown

There are many Malaysian whom intend to return to Malaysia during Singapore Circuit Breaker. I have extract a procedure written by Yan Ling Tay (FB). I hope it helps all my Malaysian friends and others working in Singapore.

11th April 2020

To all Malaysians who are considering to return to Malaysia, I have just arrived the Malaysian immigration.

  1. I went to see a doctor in a Singapore clinic this morning. I wanted to do swab test but was told by the doctor that only those who are unwell or showing respiratory symptoms are allowed to do so. Hence, I only managed to get a ‘Fit to Travel’ memo from the doctor. The date of the ‘Fit to Travel’ memo must be the same as the date of you exiting Singapore or entering Malaysia.
  2. Before travelling, I did collect a letter from my current employer stating that the company will only resume its business after the Circuit Breaker as the company is not in the essential services industry.
  3. Upon arrival at Singapore immigration, I was told to fill an exit declaration form. ICA officers also checked my passport and the two above-mentioned documents.
  4. However, the above-mentioned documents are not required at Malaysian immigration, unless you did a swab test in Singapore, you will need to present the negative test results to the officers.

Updates @ 3:11pm

  1. The officers sent me to Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor, Jalan Gertak Merah for health declaration. I am very thankful that I don’t have spend the next 14 days here! I am told to stay at Ramada Hotel during the quarantine period.

Updates @7:04pm

  1. Upon arrival, my bags were sanitised. We then queued for check-in. I was told that I will be served 3 meals a day. No payment need to be made unless you need to buy detergent from the hotel.

Hope it helps to clarify.


I am very proud to be a Malaysian!
KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA has done a very good job in handling the Covid-19 crisis. We were well taken care of up till now and definitely will be for the upcoming 14 days! Being quarantined isn’t scary! Stay home and help the frontliners!

Be social responsible and adhere to the advisory of your respective governments. The causeway will flourish again once the lockdown is over. Stay SAFE.

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