Samsung J5 Prime Tips #01

The Samsung Prime J5 is retailing for $298 at the Samsung store and comes with 1 year local warranty.

The model number is SM-G570Y/DS and is meant for the Singapore market. According to Samsung Store (Westgate), this is a newly launch product for the Singapore Market. I check out the nearby mobile store at Jurong East MRT which retail the same J5 Prime but model may be export set. It display 3 months shop warranty and is more expensive. Therefore buying at Samsung Store is value for money and guarantee a local set where the warranty will be valid.

It carry the latest Marshmallow software and had more features than Samsung Note 4. The specs is lower than the Note 4 but the advance software made up for it. This had been Samsung marketing strategy of not delivering the same firmware to all phones unlike iPhone.

Be extra careful when purchasing at these shops as it may not provide Samsung local warranty due to the source of the product. You need to verify with Samsung the warranty after you purchase from the shop. I believe you do not want to be disadvantage if the phone is faulty after 3 months.



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