NTUC Orange Force

NTUC Income is the only motor insurance that have a special team to help you when your car break down or met with an accident. They will appear at the scene within 15 to 30 min upon calling them.

Orange Force
NTUC Income Orange Force

I called the Orange Force after a traffic accident. The call centre dispatch the team to the site. You will received an sms that the rider is on the way to site.

The rider advised us on how to proceed to do our third party claim. He also snapshot the traffic accident scene and capture all the details onto his phone. He even advised the other party as AXA Insurance does not have a team to help their customers on site.

He provide a list so that we can contact the authorised workshop whom can arrange a tow truck to tow vehicle to theit workshop.

The rider even sms you back 24 hours later to gather feedback.

Call Orange Force at 6789 5000.

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