Singapore New ERP 2020

The ERP Gantry System had been managing the road congestion by charging a fixed price set down by LTA. This had been in place since 1998. It is going to change in 2020 with the award of the tender by LTA to use the satellite system.

The new system will remove the limitations of the physical gantry. It will made use of the satellite to track your vehicles and charges according to the distance driven on the congested road.

LTA will have the capability to easily identified a congested road and deploy the charging system within months. It is now all seamlessly done as no gantry need to be fixed up. They will just need to add enforcement cameras or beacons for underground travel.

The on board unit will replace our IU unit and the fee will be borne by the government. Now the government can track all the movement of our cars anywhere in Singapore. It is like playing Big Brother.

Credit from ChannelNewsAsia

The expenditure for owning a car will goes up with this new concept. We shall wait for more information release in the coming months.

The off peak car(OPC) model will be enhance to make it more attractive for the existing owners. Plans are developed to allow short usage in the day instead of charging a flat fee of $20. This is great news for OPC car owners.

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