Hello Kitty SG50 Special Edition

MacDonald had launched the special edition of Hello Kitty to celebrate SG50. It cost only S$80 online and it comes with $30 food vouchers< Therefore you only spend $50 while customers going to the store will spend $10 more. They will spend $60 plus must use their time to visit the store to purchase it.


The special SG50 Hello Kitty Box.


The six SG50 Hello Kitty with the accessories and six $5 extra value meal vouchers.

I am not sure whether the MacDonald in store will give you the accessories to hold up all your Hello Kitty plush toys.

2015-08-01 12.50.41

These are the accessories that come with the Hello Kitty. It will hold up all your Hello Kitty.

Dpex is responsible for the delivery of the Hello Kitty. But their service level may not be up to the standard. One thing to note, they will not give you advance notice of delivery date & time. You need to ensure that there are people at home to receive the delivery.

Enjoy your SG50 Hello Kitty as it is ready worth to keep for memorandum.

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