MacDonald Hello Kitty Online Delivery

The delivery of the MacDonald Hello Kitty are been send out from 27 July to 15 August 2015. They will only made 2 attempts to the designated delivery address. If you missed the 1st attempt like me then you are in some hard luck.

They will made the first delivery without giving you any notification in advance. Other logistic companies will call you 1 hour before they made their way to your delivery address. I wonder is it that MacDonald under pay them on the logistic fees.

You may attempt to email Dpex at with your order number.
But be prepare as nobody may even answer your email within the next working days.

The call centre is also not professional as they refuse to give you a schedule date and just briefly mentioned that it will be send between now and 15 August and she decline to give a date. Please call the Dpex contact centre at 6543 9110 to reschedule the next delivery. There will not tell you on the spot but just mention that someone will call you for the next delivery date.

I would give Dpex contact centre staff a rating of 2 out of 5. It is definetly not a logistic company I would select for my personal or business use.

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