Computer cannot boot up

My computer was unable to boot up to the BIOS screen. I have notice that the power LED light is blinking on and off. This signal that there must be some problem with my power supply unit.

I open the internal casing of my desktop to do a detail analysis. I do not believe my power supply unit is damage as it is branded type. Upon switching on the power, I notice that my fans inside is switching on and off after every 3 seconds. I guess everyone know Google is our best Teacher. I done a search online and it pin point that my RAM may be the issue. I zoom in on this as the forum mention that ASUS motherboard will cycle check the RAM before starting.

I am not worry about the RAM as Kingston gives me lifetime warranty. I change the RAM to another memory slot.

Bingo, my computer start up with no issue. But now I got one slot not in good condition. I have 4 slots inside so it will not be an issue to me yet. Anyway my ASUS Motherboard B85 Plus LGA 1150 carry a three year warranty.

It is good to be IT and engineer train as it save my trip down to the computer shop. Technically train is essential as the labor charges for them are high.

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