Petrol Pumping Tips

These are the compiled Petrol Pumping tips which will save your money, fuel and even your car maintenance fees. It is up to you to believe it or not:

1. It is best to fuel in the morning as the ground temperature is still cold. Petrol will expand under heat and therefore not advisable to pump during sunny days. A litre of Petrol may not be a litre u are getting.

2. Please top up fuel by the amount of litres and not by the amount of money.

3. For long distance travel, pump full tank and the fresh Petrol will give your engine the boast.

4. For city travel, just pump half or three quarter tank. There are many stoppages due to the traffic lights.

5. If you do not drive frequently, just pump half tank as the Petrol inside the tank will change in quality over time.

6. If you find a Petrol Tanking topping up the underground tank, do not buy fuel. The dirt below the underground tank will be stir up during the pumping and may end up in your fuel tank.

Let’s conserve fuel for earth. Then if everyone followed my tips then there will be no customers during office hours. 🙂

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