How to wear 3M N95 Face Mask?

The haze from Indonesia is affecting Singapore and Malaysia. Our PSI for the past weeks has been from 100 to 401. The record PSI of 401 was the highest in the past 15 years of haze that we see in Singapore.

People are snatching up 3M N95 face mask in Singapore. Singapore has a stock pile of 3M N95 face mask in their warehouses. The government is slowly releasing its stock pile to satisfy the demand of the residents of Singapore. Unity Healthcare of NTUC will be getting all this stocks and selling it at their store. This is one way the government can ensure ample stock is supply to the market with no increase of price.

Procedures on wearing 3M N95 Face Mask
Now that most of you have got the 3M N95 face mask, pls see the below on how to wear it.



Credits from HPB.

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