Samsung Galaxy Note ICS 4.0.4 update #02

Software UpdateAfter 1 months of using the ICS 4.0.4 update, Samsung roll out another patch for the 4.0.4 firmware. It was surprising that Samsung was so fast in rolling out another patch.

The patch for this firmware is 26.36MB and it will notified you to download it via the Wifi. But to our surprise this update via Wifi does not really work.

It will allowed you to download the whole file for the 4.0.4 patch update. But once it restart, it will inform you the update of firmware is unsuccessful.
Do not worry, as you can still perform the upgrade through Kies and that is the only method that works for now. So connect your Samsung Galaxy Note to the Kies on your Windows or MAC PC to download the firmware.

It will takes about half an hour to perform the update depending on the speed of the broadband and the server also. Enjoy this patch update for 4.0.4 firmware. Note will only get the Jelly Bean(4.1) update probably in 1st quarter of 2013.


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