Sakae Sushi $3000 job available

Sakae Sushi has vacancy for Dishwashers and they are paying you $3000 excluding CPF. Your net pay will be $2400 after CPF contribution. Are you daring enough to take up this demanding job?
Sakae Sushi contract out the jobs to private company for the same price. Business owner will pocket $2K while the Dishwasher will get $1K only. Isn’t it great to be a business owner? You get paid and do not need to work. The business owner just need to leverage on the Dishwasher Time.

Anywhere it is great Sakae Sushi is handling the money to the workers directly. But it is tough work to earn this money as they are buying your Time. I expect people’s to sign up for the job if it is genuine. You never get this amount if you are working as a production operator or security guard.

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