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Save PS One Game Data on PS3

I have downloaded PS One Game from the Playstation Store. You can create a virtual memory card meant for saving the PS Game. 

Saving PS Game Data

  • Go to Game
  • Go to Memory Card Utility
  • Create New Internal Memory Card
  • Press 0
  • Choose to create Internal Memory Card for PS
  • Enter the name for Internal Memory Card
  • Press OK

The maximum memory for PS is 120KB.

Assigning Slot to Internal Memory Card

  • Go to Game
  • Go to Memory Card Utility
  • Go to Internal Memory Card
  • Press triangle and select Assign Slots and Press 0
  • Select Slot 1 or 2 and Press 0

The Sony PS3 allows you to play and save PS game that you download from the Playstation Store. I hope all PS3 Gamers enjoy their games.