LG KP501 Cookie

LG KP501 Cookie is still not available in Singapore yet. It is available in Black, Pink and Silver Edition and the Pink Edition is to cater for the ladies market. Recently, it was launch in the UK Market and the Pink Edition appeal to many UK female customers.

Using advanced motion sensor technology, the LG-KP501 adds more fun
interactivity to games so users can enjoy mobile entertainment in a
more dynamic and exciting way. The games loaded on the LG KP500 use a motion sensor that requires the
user’s eye-hand coordination to balance, flip, shift, and twist the
handset to play the games.

The Silver LG Cookie offers a 3.0 inch wide full touch screen which allowed you to enjoy watching videos, playing games, and looking at photos on a bigger screen. Bigger is better and that also makes it easier to use by physical touch since larger icons are easier to navigate than smaller ones.

Read the LG KP501 Specs at GSMARENA>>>


30 thoughts on “LG KP501 Cookie”

  1. May I ask when will this phone be available in Singapore? Or will it ever be available here?
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. I have had two of these – in the last five days! There seems to be a problem with the on-board software that generates a fault at the back end of each day (even if the phone has not been used. The fault displays as a white screen with red tick and the message “limit of applications has been reached”. This is without any applications running and a 4Gb micro SD card on board. The PC suite II software evidently recognises thathere is a fault on the phone because it will not accept connection to the phone. All-in-all a piece of scrap that I am returning to my telco for a refund tomorrow.

  3. You can ask the telco for a one to one exchange as there may be a problem with the set. If the other set also fail your expectation, then u may consider taking the Samsung Omnia or HTC Diamond.

  4. I’m in australia, and the kp500 is alredy out 3 months ago. I just need to know when the kp501 is coming out in SG so i can get it

  5. the lg cookie pink does have a paint application but it is very basic!
    you have a limited colour range for background and pen, 4 pen thicknesses and the option for a pen (stays the same thickness) paint brush (gets thicker as you paint) or a spray can (which is stays the same thickness)
    its very basic but me + my friends got hours of fun out of it!! we each drew landscapes of our favourite places + then portraits of each other. and then we all signed my phone!! =D and when i left it at my boyfriends house i told him to give it a goodnight kiss and so he used the drawing pad to create a kiss then set it as my wallpapers!
    lol and its also useful as a comedy aspect as you can send the images you draw via email, mms or bluetooth. you can also set them as your widget or speedial wallpaper!!
    kind of rambled on a bit here but just got carried away!! amazed i could write this considering the time!! =D
    anyways if you havent got this phone, unfortunately i wouldnt recommend it, as it has caused me quite a few problems but they were easy to fix but problems which left me without any contact in or out for a few days! also if you are keen on this phone i would say if you dont get a memory card with its package you buy one asap as it cant perform over 2 minor applications ( ie message inbox and drawing pad) as the memory is unsufficient!
    anyways hope this helps you a bit!!
    luv Amii!

  6. You should get it if u love the pink edition and it got large icons which made navigating around the phone menu easier. But by now there maybe better options available like the Samsung Jet.
    U should head down to your local mobile store to try it out and see whether u love it. Everyone has their own taste.

  7. really good in pink color,i liked it because i am the user of pink cookie it perform fast,download fast ant its picture quality is outstanding,…………..

  8. I have a question will the KP501 ever come out as a shifting phone or will it remain only a full touchscreen?

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