Guitar Hero:On Tour

Guitar Hero:On Tour has finally been released for the portable Nintendo DS version. It is a highly addictive game just like on the Nintendo Wii.
Guitar Hero: On Tour comes complete with an innovative button controller that plugs into the expansion port on the bottom of the DS Lite. The game is controlled by turning the DS on its side, pressing the fret buttons and strumming on the DS bottom screen with an included guitar pick stylus. To keep your DS from flying out of your grip while you’re rockin’ out, the controller includes a guitar grip strap.


Rock out to Guitar Hero on the DS with the Guitar Hero Guitar Grip and
local wireless multi-player modes. Use the stylus to strum the touch
screen like a true rocker. Select from a variety of classic rock, pop
and alternative rock favorites. Guitar Hero: On Tour for the DS
features over 20 monster tracks. Pick from 4 different game play modes.

The price start from SGD75 including the controller and is now available for sale. Do not wait any more and order now at PlayAsia>>>

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