How to find friend code?

First connect online with a game (You won’t be given a Friend Code until you’ve connected at least once with that specific game). Nintendo WFC users must get their unique Friend Code from each Nintendo DS Wi-Fi game. See your game instruction manual for how to access your Friend Code. This is a 12-digit code. It will vary game by game on how the Friend Code can be obtained. I will show you how I get my Friend Code at Mario Kart DS.

How do I get a Friend Code in Mario Kart DS?
In order to get a Friend Code, you must first connect to the Nintendo WFC service at least once with your Mario Kart DS game.

Once you have connected at least once, you can access your Friend Code as follows:

  1. From the main screen, select "Nintendo WFC,"
  2. Select "Friend Code."
  3. Choose "Confirm Friend Code" to view your own 12-digit Friend Code for that game. (The code will be displayed on the upper screen.)

My Friend Code for Mario Kart DS is 335139589349.

Then next you can add your Friend Code so that you can play with your friends only.

How do I add a Friend Code in Mario Kart DS?
From the main screen, select "Nintendo WFC," and then "Friend Code." Select "Register Friend Code," and then tap the numbers to enter your friend’s 12-digit Friend Code.

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