Yishun Massive Human Jam

There was a track fault earlier in the morning at Choa Chu Kang according to the PA announcement at Admiralty Station. This had caused the frequency of trains to increase to 5 minutes. I still managed to get on the train at Admiralty. But then you will feel like a sardine after it leave Sembawang station.

Yishun Station
The south bound platform form a snakey queue all the way to the north platform.

I was glad that I am exiting the station at this point of time. It is tough for the Yishun residents especially if you are travelling towards the city.

Yishun Station
Massive jam at the entrance of Yishun MRT fare gate

The fare gate were reprogram to two entrances only. This is a measure to stem the human traffic flow into the station. But the down side, is a bottle neck will form outside the station.

If you plan to buy your home in Yishun, do give a second thought especially if you are going to use the south platform during peak hours.

SMRT Pasir Ris Accident

It was unfortunate that 2 SMRT maintenance staff lives were lost during their course of works. They were part of a team trying to rectify the signal issue on the track. They were knock down by the oncoming train.

SMRT Pasir Ris Accident
Credits from Mediacorp, Channel 8

The standard operating procedure (SOP) maybe correct for the staffs. But the risk assessment may have flaw. As the risk is higher, the train should have maintained a speed of 30KM/H or lesser. There is an airflow resistance force generated as air passing through is restricted between the train and the peoples. There maybe many factors on why they were throw off balance and hit by the oncoming train. We shall leave to the expert’s and investigation team to provide an answer to the deceased families and the general public.

May the 2 honorable SMRT staffs rest in peace.

Transport App for Singapore Trains

LTA had commercialise the train network in Singapore. It is run by SMRT and SBS Transit. With the advancement of technology, an app for smart phone is still not visualize yet. They have leave this job to our government agency, LTA.

LTA had developed its own app but this does not address the needs of the commuters of Singapore at large. The announcement normally come later than Twitter as information need to shift through multiple channels.

Just look at the comprehensive app own by HongKong MTR. It highlight the breakdown to commuters by using their app with more information than LTA.


Singapore is at least 3 years behind HongKong in the development of smart phone app for the train network. I will see whether Mr Khaw, the new Transport Minister can realize this dream for Singapore.