SMRT Pasir Ris Accident

It was unfortunate that 2 SMRT maintenance staff lives were lost during their course of works. They were part of a team trying to rectify the signal issue on the track. They were knock down by the oncoming train.

SMRT Pasir Ris Accident
Credits from Mediacorp, Channel 8

The standard operating procedure (SOP) maybe correct for the staffs. But the risk assessment may have flaw. As the risk is higher, the train should have maintained a speed of 30KM/H or lesser. There is an airflow resistance force generated as air passing through is restricted between the train and the peoples. There maybe many factors on why they were throw off balance and hit by the oncoming train. We shall leave to the expert’s and investigation team to provide an answer to the deceased families and the general public.

May the 2 honorable SMRT staffs rest in peace.

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