Leaking OverHead Linkway

The overhead linkway is supposed to shield us from the rain during the wet days. But the new overhead linkway installed at Blk 672, Woodlands Drive 71 had already start to leak. On closer look, there is a gap on the roof already.

The material selected for this linkway is not desirable and had already start to corrode less than 1 year into operation. I also wonder whether they have Engineers or maintenance team doing site walk to identify facility issue.

Town Council Fees is going to raise in June 2017 and it must worth every cents we pay for conservancy charges.

It is my duty as a resident to inform the Sembawang Town Council so that they are aware of the quality of the facility installation done.

Gas leaking in Riser

There was gas leaking out of my gas riser room outside my flat. I have verified it is not from my cooker as there are no gas smell in the kitchen.

Gas meter
The gas meter is not running when I off the cooker.

I have no alternative but to activate City Gas in the evening. The service team came one hour after the activation. They check with a gas meter and verified it was not from my piping. Their suspicion is from the flat below. The town gas is lighter and will rise up through the ventilation provided in the riser room.

Thus they went to the flat below us to conduct their investigation. The City Gas never update me and I leave it in their good hands.


Collect Transcript at ITE

It is your responsibility to ask for the complete information on the collection procedure for the transcript.

The customer service will inform that you can collect the transcript at the three customer service centres of ITE. But if you never inform them that someone else is doing the collrction on your behalf, then you only have half the information.

Transcript is a control item. You need a authorization letter to collect it on someone else behalf.

Yishun Massive Human Jam

There was a track fault earlier in the morning at Choa Chu Kang according to the PA announcement at Admiralty Station. This had caused the frequency of trains to increase to 5 minutes. I still managed to get on the train at Admiralty. But then you will feel like a sardine after it leave Sembawang station.

Yishun Station
The south bound platform form a snakey queue all the way to the north platform.

I was glad that I am exiting the station at this point of time. It is tough for the Yishun residents especially if you are travelling towards the city.

Yishun Station
Massive jam at the entrance of Yishun MRT fare gate

The fare gate were reprogram to two entrances only. This is a measure to stem the human traffic flow into the station. But the down side, is a bottle neck will form outside the station.

If you plan to buy your home in Yishun, do give a second thought especially if you are going to use the south platform during peak hours.

Yishun MRT Over Crowding

It is a wet day this morning due to the medium shower. But this impact the efficiency of the south bound train. I still managed to get on my usual train at Admiralty. It stop on the track for at least 4 mins each  before reaching  the Sembawang and Yishun MRT. This will give bigger impact to Yishun MRT.

Yishun MRT
Up riding escalator was stop as the platform were filled with people queuing for the south bound trains

Yishun MRT
Look at the massive crowd gathering to walk up the escalator

Train are moving slower due to the wet weather. Isn’t it a familiar announcement?