Android Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy Phone

Software developers has allowed secret codes for the android phones. This acts as “BACKDOOR” and allowed users with this knowledge to get into the system. These codes are developed with good intent to help the android users. These android secret codes can be used on Samsung Galaxy Phones or any other android phones. I will shared with you the code

M1 APN Settings for Android Phones

The following is the internet settings for Android handsets. Please restart your phone after you have entered and saved the settings.  Android - Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names For Internet:Hit Menu button, create new APN.Enter new APN settings. Name: SUNSURFAPN: sunsurfProxy : <Not Set>Port : <Not Set>Username: 65Password: user123Server : <Not Set>MMSC : :

Call your love ones using Skype

Call your love ones during this Chinese Lunar New Year. Surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend by calling them during Valentine's Day. Video Call your love ones, friends, relatives and others during special occassion. Made use of video call of Skype on your computer or TV. Now you can also video call from your iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note and

How to check your Samsung Galaxy CSC Code Version?

The Samsung Galaxy CSC code is important for the Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, S2 and S3 users as it affects how they get the latest firmware for their phone. How to check Samsung Galaxy CSC Code Version? Press *#1234# to gives u the Samsung Galaxy CSC Code Version. Change the Samsung Galaxy CSC Code Firstly you need to find

Connection problem or invalid MMI code

Many android users will have meet this message on your android phone one way or another. This usually happens when u press the *,# or + and the phone button to made the call. After u press the *,# follow by some numbers, it shows USSD Code is running and later the Connection problem or invalid MMI Code will appear.