No Facebook Pics in Contacts on ICS

You find that the Facebook pictures do not appear in your Contact Page on ICS Android Phone. Some of you will find certain of your Facebook contacts have the picture while the rest of the FB contacts has no pictures at all. There is nothing wrong with your Facebook application but a bug in the firmware.

As you know in this ICS, Google want to be in the forefront of social medial. Therefore you will find that Google+ will be in your Contact page with pics and also have status updates. Importing of Facebook pictures only work for a limited amount of contacts. You can not see the FB status updates also. Furthermore, you also see your pics are not clear as they are not at the min size of 256X256 but smaller. So they look pixelise in the contact page.

But most importantly Facebook is also not addressing the problem with their Android App.

There are a few applications in the Play Store which allowed you to sync the FB contacts with picture and status update. But I will just name 2 which are the most popular with the Samsung Galaxy Note, S2 and S3 users.

Apps to syn picture and status update

  • Contact-sync
  • HaxSync

As you see that my contact page has the FB status updates already. I hope my FB contacts and friends do not mind appearing in my blog.

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