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Play New Super Mario Bros on Soft Mod Wii

After spending a few days researching on the internet, I have finally found a way to play the New Super Mario Brothers(NSMB) on the Nintendo Wii.

1. You need to have the cIOS Rev 14 in order for the NSMB to work.
 Visit this blog post for the cIOS Rev 14>>>

2. A USB Loader is needed to get the NSMB to work. This is the only method I found to get the NSMB to work. Alternative you can also patch the NSMB if you want it to work on a DVD but u need to search the internet to found out how.

Download USB Loader GX Channel>>>

3. You also need to have a hard disk or thumb drive formatted using the WBFS Manager. This is for installing the Wii Games onto the hard disk or thumb drive.
Download the WBFS Manager>>>

4. Format the thumb drive or hard disk using the WBFS Manager

5. Plug in the thumb drive or hard disk to the Wii USB Port

6. Insert the New Super Mario Brothers DVD

7. Run the USB Loader GX Channel

8. Click on the  '+' sign at the left hand corner of the screen to install game to hard disk

9. It will install the game to the hard disk

10. Click on Game -> Settings -> Game load and apply the following settings

Video Mode: Force NTSC
VIDTV Patch: Off
Game Language: Console Default
Ocarina: OFF
Parental Control:0
Error 002 Fix: Yes
Patch Country Settings: OFF
Alternate DOL: Default

Note: You need to have a SD Card inserted as settings are saved to the SD Card.

11. Start the game.

You can also watch the YouTube Video by serebiilover12345 on how to get the USB Loader to play NSMB.

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Wii cIOS Rev 14

You need to have the cIOS Rev 14 if you are unable to play the latest Wii Games. Two of the latest game that need to use this cIOS Rev 14 are New Super Mario Bros and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare.

Installation Instructions

  • Copy the cIOS Rev 14 to SD:/Apps/
  • Go to the Homebrew Channel
  • Load the cIOS Rev 14 file
  • You need to use Network Installation
  • The installer will download data and complete the installation

Note: If you use wad installation, you need to find the wad file yourself. Pls also ensure that Wii can already connect to the internet so that you can use Network Installation

Download cIOS Rev 14

HomeBrew Channel, Nintendo Wii

Remove Wii Blue Screen Error

There are some Wii Games that will give you a blue screen with error #002. You need a wad file called Gamma 002 Fix with Sound Channel. This will allowed you to play games with the blue screen error. It is basically a channel on your Wii after installation and you use it to load the Wii Game.

Download Gamma 002 Fix>>>

How to install WAD Files

  • Create a folder called “wad” in the root of a SD card
  • Place Gamma 002 Fix  in the wad folder
  • Run the WAD Manager using HomeBrew
  • Enter the WAD Manager
  • Click on the WAD files you want to install
  • Press the Home Button to reset Wii after installation

Tested working on soft and hard mod Wii.

HomeBrew Channel, Nintendo Wii

Install WAD Manager on Wii

WAD Manager is an application to install WAD files. You must have the HomeBrew Channel install on your Nintendo Wii before you can install the WAD Manager.

Installation Guide

  1. Unzip the files and place it in the root of the SD Card
  2. Open HomeBrew Channel on Wii
  3. You should see WAD Manager on screen
  4. Click on Button A to install the WAD Manager
  5. Follow instruction on screen

Download WadManager 1.3

Installing WAD Files

  • Create a folder called “wad” in the root of a SD card
  • Place all your wad files in the wad folder
  • Run the WAD Manager using HomeBrew
  • Enter the WAD Manager
  • Click on the WAD files you want to install
  • Press the Home Button to reset Wii after installation
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Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuck

WiiremoteThe wireless Wii Remote controller is a multifunctional device that is limited only by the game designer's imagination. In a tennis game, it serves as your racket you swing with your arm. In a driving game, it serves as your steering wheel. For first-person shooters, the remote acts as your weapon that you point at an enemy. The list of potential uses goes on and on.

Using Bluetooth technology, the wireless Wii Remote controller sends your actions to the Wii console from as far as 30 feet away. As a pointing device, the controller can send a signal from as far as 15 feet away. Up to four Wii Remote Controllers can be connected at once, making for some great multiplayer fun!
In addition to its pointing and motion-sensing abilities, the Wii Remote controller also includes a speaker and expansion port for additional input devices, such as the Nunchuk controller.

Official Nintendo Wii Nunchuk Controller are designed to perfectly fit a player's hand, the Nunchuk controller builds on the simplicity of the Wii Remote controller and goes an extra step to meet the needs of gamers. The Nunchuk controller connects to the Wii Remote controller at its expansion port and is used in conjunction with the Wii Remote controller.
The Nunchuk controller contains the same motion-sensing technology enabled in the Wii Remote controller but also includes an analog stick to assist in character movement. In several games, players will use the analog stick of the Nunchuk controller to move their characters and the Wii Remote controller to perform a specific action, whether that's throwing a pass in football or aiming a ranged weapon in an action game.
Along with the analog stick, the motion-sensing Nunchuk controller also contains two buttons positioned for quick access. Because the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers are only relatively dependent on each other, players are free to hold them in whichever hand is most comfortable. The ambidextrous nature of the Wii controllers grants accessibility seldom seen in game controllers.

Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuck cost SG$80.
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Wii Games Downloads

I have found a Wii Games Downloads website where there are many Wii Games availble for downloads. It works on USA Wii console with mod-chip. If your console is not from the US, you may try it also and comments on this page whether it work for your console.

Click here to Wii ISO>>>

All the games are available in torrents and you need a torrent client for the downloads.

Click here to our Wii Games for direct downloads>>>
The Wii Games(not torrents) are not stored on our server but by Rapidshare File Server hosted by others. Singapore and some Asia Pacific users may find difficult to download as bandwidth may exceed for free users. Premium users will be able to download the files of Rapidshare with no problem.

Burn Wii ISO to DVD-R • DVD-RW •

UnZIP or UnRAR compressed *.iso file to any folder on your PC.

Now use your DVD burner software like NERO to write this ISO to a DVD-R +R or RW disc.
Be sure to tick where it says that the compilation should be closed so
no future writing to the disc will be possible. Also set the write
speed to the SLOWEST possible to get better results. Your Wii will read
the disc faster if it has been recorded at a slow speed = more

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How to Backup Wii Games

Many gamers wishes to backup their Nintendo Wii Games just in case the original CD get damaged due to wear and tear. It is not a simple process to do it and you need certain software and certain DVD models in order for it to work.

Backup Wii Games Guide
There are a few guides on the internet which will guide you step by step on how to do it. I will launch a version here for Singapore and Asian users once I completed the trial of backing up a original Wii Games. In the mean time, please read the overseas guide first.
Guide by>>>
Guide by Console Source>>>

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Download Wii games

Wii Meida Downloads is the worlds first Wii media download site. If you want to download games, movies, music, TV shows and software for your Wii then you've definitely come to the right place. And, all this available for a small one time fee!

Easy to use, fast and with a huge media database, Wii Media Downloads is a one stop place where you can get everything for your Nintendo Wii.

Get your Wii stuffs at the Nintendo Wii Media Downloads>>>